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Author Topic: Blood Diamond, Wandering Vigilante  (Read 89 times)

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Offline emeraldknight

Blood Diamond, Wandering Vigilante
« on: January 12, 2018, 07:06:21 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Unknown, goes by "Blood Diamond", or just Diamond
Age 24
Gender Male
Species Human
Height 6'2"
Occupation Self-professed wandering vigilante
Residence Searching for a sorcerer who can make homes portable
Alignment Neutral good

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description A tall, coppery-brown-haired man with slightly tanned skin and a fairly toned body. His face is rather long, with a chiseled jaw and bright green eyes that always seem to be shining. Always wears an extravagant costume reminiscent of heavily altered, bright-red samurai armor. The costume is more for show than protection, as evidenced by the several diamond-shaped holes along the front. A large katana can be seen strapped to his back, fitting snugly in an ornate sheath outfitted with more diamond-shaped holes in order to show off the gleam of the blade. These strange wardrobe choices have such an effect that many mistake Diamond for a passing showman.

Personality Acts dramatic and heroic whenever possible, but has trouble hiding the stressed and tired man within. Really just wants food, friends, and shelter, but doesn't know how to obtain any of them without resorting to flashy acts of heroism and rarely, payed jobs from the few people with money who don't consider him a total joke. For moral guidance, he relies on the naive and exaggeratedly heroic values instilled in him by his parents, which often leads to him seeing situations in a very black and white manner. Although he doesn't truly want to be a vigilante, he commits to the part, as it's all he knows how to do, and he needs all the money he can get. Despite not believing himself to be fitting for the role, he respects the dramatic flair of his parents before him, and won't do away with the crazy costumes and flashy swordplay out of sheer respect for the art. While he indeed does it as a job, Diamond always feels inclined to help others, though he does not-so-secretly hope for a cash reward. An optimist and an opportunist, Blood Diamond is always ready to be a hero.

Magic/Abilities Blood Diamond has great skills with a sword, using both self-taught techniques, and some copied from his parents. Although magic doesn't seem to come to him by nature, Diamond has been attempting to learn how to summon his sword to his hand magically. He swears he made it twitch a little. This sword, despite not being enchanted in any way, is made of pure silver, polished to such a high standard that it can reflect and focus light in high concentrations when held aloft, thus blinding opponents and onlookers alike. He wields it one-handed, usually in his right, though he is relatively proficient with either hand. He also has a knack for surviving intense blows through sheer luck.

Relationships Diamond's only relationships are with his mother and father, as most others find him too strange to be friendly with, and not really worth antagonizing. Although his parents were generally good people, they could be quite neglectful at times, although Diamond chalks it up to their duties as masked heroes. They taught him everything he knew about being a vigilante, but nothing about the real world, and how to function in it. They always kept their identities secret, even to their only son. When Diamond was ten years old, they departed to an unknown location, telling their son that they'd be gone for a while. They never returned. Again, their son truly isn't bothered by this, confident that he'll find them one day. He is thankful that they raised him the way they did, near oblivious to the problems created because of it.

History Blood Diamond was born to two mysterious eccentrics, given no name. The family was wealthy, due to his mother and father being payed exorbitant prices to work for rich nobles who'd had their daughters kidnapped, or their land set alight. Although once a noble herself, his mother was outcast from both her family and society for her path in life, and no longer considered herself of noble lineage since then. When Diamond was born, he was mentored in fancy swordplay and the ways of being a hero, and began to see this as how life was. He only figured differently after the disappearance of his parents. Needless to say, Diamond had to find a way to sustain himself, and after finding a curious costume in his parents' room labelled "Blood Diamond", he decided that there was only one thing to do. Diamond ended up modelling his persona similarly to his parents, but decided to be a bit more laid back in nature, in contrast to the more brooding aspect he never understood about his mother and father. Some time after setting out across the land in search of needed heroics, he spent what he could find of his parents' savings and bought a very expensive katana, perfect for both showing off, and combat.

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