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Author Topic: Nicholas Finger, thief extraordinare  (Read 74 times)

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Offline emeraldknight

Nicholas Finger, thief extraordinare
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:17:07 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Nicholas Finger
Age 30
Gender Male
Species Human
Ethnicity Serenian
Height 5'00"
Occupation Thief
Residence Serendipity, under a tavern
Alignment Neutral Evil

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description Important-looking, well-clothed, fair features. If anything, one would think others would steal from him! Wild, shoulder-length hair is his go-to style, although this is not for a lack of access to styling, but rather due to personal preference. Despite this, no-one would think him a peasant, with his royal blue cape over ornately-buttoned shirts and expensive pants. If anything, he could be mistaken for a noble, always immaculately dressed, and never dirty. Nicholas is not particularly fat, nor is he muscular, as he mostly relies on magic to make his escapes. A slight coating of stubble adorns his chin.

Personality Nicholas is a sly and cocky individual, although no-one could tell by looking at the steely face he puts on when in public. He delights in the simple pleasure of a clean theft, and even more from a chase, not that it's usually much effort for him. He is quick-minded, always aware of his surroundings, and quite cautious when he detects that he may be in real danger. When faced with failure, he can become quite disgruntled, and his usually cool expressions are replaced by those of anger and resentment. Nicholas also considers himself to be of a high status, and frequents expensive inns by night, when citizens seldom wander the streets. While he enjoys living in high-class society, he considers most nobles he meets as pricks. Due to his inflated ego, he tends to think of himself as a suave, lone wolf-type character, feared throughout the land. However, if he ever needed to fight his way out of a situation, he'd be doomed, although he won't admit it to even himself. To Nicholas, life is a game, and he plays it with two goals in mind: get rich, and have fun doing it!

Magic/Abilities Since he was a child, Nicholas had the ability to teleport short distances, and with training, he can now warp up to 50 feet in an instant, although repeated usage of this ability can cause him to run out of stamina rapidly. As he grew older, he learned how to turn invisible for up to 5 seconds at a time, as well as how to very briefly slow time. Aside from magical prowess, Nicholas has trained himself in freerunning, being able to combine this with his teleportation to easily dash through any civilized environment before guards can catch up to him. Despite these powers, Nicholas has no training in combat, or any weaponry to speak of, relying on his wit and skills to make it through each day.

Relationships Nicholas Finger is wanted in many cities for his crimes, and so many despise him. He hasn't heard from his parents in years, after they disowned him for the shame he brought upon his family. Nicholas has had friends in past, but before long, they all ended up with nothing but the shirts on their backs.

History Nicholas Finger was born into poverty, his parents peasants living in horrible conditions. When Nicholas realized he was a mage, his parents thought that he had hope, and that maybe he could rise above his class. However, when he began to use these powers for petty thievery, his parents disowned him, and he was kicked out, left to fend for himself. However, Nicholas exceeded anyone's expectations, and quickly rose to notoriety, earning himself several names such as "Spectral thief", and "Warping pincher". Despite having made a large profit off of his escapades, Nicholas decided to continue to steal, developing his sorcery further just so that he could aim for higher targets.

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