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Wester Highlands / Re: Happy birthday to me! [Dragonsong!]
« on: December 06, 2017, 02:15:21 PM »
The implication sailed over Valor's head. Oh, he knew in some abstract way the many ways in which slaves were used. He knew there were plenty of bed slaves, for example--after all, that was why his friend had purchased Ka'lei for him. But he knew it all in a very distant sort of way. His image of bedroom slaves was idealized--men and women who were eager to please and lived for it, who were practically born for that purpose, like some scene out of a romanticized harem painting where everyone was smiling and naked. His image of other sorts of slaves was much the same. Entertainer, for example, didn't sound so terrible. So, she sang and played music and maybe danced? Hm. Why was she acting so...

Kicked puppy?

Ka'lei was his first up close and personal experience with an actual slave. A living, breathing human who had experienced its horrors first hand. Horrors he, in his privileged life, couldn't begin to comprehend.

He frowned, raising an eyebrow at her reaction. "Well, if you don't want to, you don't have to. If you're not actually into it, you'll just sound like you're bored and dying." He gave her head a playful pat. "Now then, what did you do if you didn't sing? You said you were an entertainer?"

Yoreiq / In over my head. [open]
« on: December 06, 2017, 01:56:20 PM »
In over her head.

That's what Koi was.

It had seemed like such an easy hunt: an injured young boar, alone, its tusks not even grown in. It hadn't seen her--she knew they had horrible eyesight--and didn't notice her as she grew closer, spear at the ready. Normally she wouldn't even dream of taking on a boar alone but she had the upper hand here and this was a rare opportunity.

So confident was she that she forgot one crucial fact: boars rarely traveled alone.

And that boar's mama was pissed.

A great deal of squealing and screaming later and Koi found herself stuck up a tree, her spear out of reach on the earth below, while beneath her the boar grunted and paced, clearly wanting to make sure her tormenter would not be tormenting her again and her baby again. Heart hammering in her chest and sweat beading on her brow, Koi shifted her balance on the branch she was perched on and watched the two through the leaves.

Go away, already!

She didn't know how much time had passed since she'd gotten herself stuck up there, but enough time for the jungle to grow darker. And she did not want to still be here at nightfall; larger things came out in the dark.

A sharp crack made her freeze, all thought clearing from her brain and leaving behind only a singular one: Oh shit.

The branch. That was the branch. Koi held her breath. as though the slightest move would break it, but that didn't stop it from giving another low, ominous crunch.

Her time was very quickly running out.

Sirantil Valley / Skinny dippin'! [open]
« on: December 06, 2017, 01:50:39 PM »
[PM to join. xD]

"Are you crazy? The lake's frozen."

"Yeah, but it only like just froze. It's still all thin."

"But it's frozen. It's freezing!"

"Ya sayin' yer scaaaared?"

"No, it's're going to get sick."

Standing at the edge of the lake, atop a small ledge overlooking it, Siobhan turned and gave the other three Adhara with her a look. She huffed, hands on her hips, and looked down her nose at them. Being up there made her feel very tall, so she may as well take advantage. "You're sayin' that like I'm the only one gonna do this. I'm tellin' ya, this is an initiation. A tradition! All Adhara do it at the first freeze. Proves yer toughness!"

"I think you're just being crazy, Siobhan."

"I think yer all just bein' wusses."

"Seriously, I've never heard of this being part of any sort of initiation thing."

"Really?" Siobhan scrunched up her face. "Rose told me last year it totally was, that I was the only one hadn't done it."

"Rose was probably pranking you."

Siobhan frowned, thinking back. Rose had been laughing an awful lot...

"Whatever. Look, I'll even go first, just to prove it ain't no thing, ya buncha cowards!"

"Siobhan, I really think you shouldn't--!"

But Siobhan had already yanked off her clothes, tossing the garments to her horrified companions, and before they could cry out another warning, she shouted out, "Watch!" before she hopped off the ledge--

And landed on her bare ass on the ice with a loud THUNK that had her rolling over in pain. "AWWWWFU--FUDGECRACKERS!"

Reajh / Re: Thanks for the crown. Enjoy your Pig.
« on: December 06, 2017, 01:44:35 PM »
Beatrid snorted, and hung onto the anger. If she stayed angry, she wouldn't have to face the fear, and she had never been any good at dealing with that.

"Well, you did. Intent don't mean shit. Now can we get going? We're like sitting ducks out here, and both of us are too high profile for them to just lose."

Kishahn Jungle / Re: Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy... [Glob!] [M]
« on: November 26, 2017, 08:23:24 PM »
Raxta's whimpers were muffled against Xoco's sex as she bucked her hips against Herrick, shivering at each touch. Spirits, but she had to remind herself that there was still a little less than a week to go before the festivities, and that it wouldn't do to break tradition—as much as she wanted to cry out for him to mate her properly, her curiosity and lust getting the better of her. It would only get worse, too, as the time drew nearer and hormones and anticipation made her wilder. She squirmed, lapping greedily at Xoco's clit, her textured tongue creating different sensations from Herrick's softer one and making the girl above her tremble deliciously.

She couldn't think of a better scenario in which to be mated: her tongue pleasuring Xoco while a male pleasured her with his cock. Spirits, if only. It would be so easy, with nothing separating them like this, and each time she felt him tease at her entrance, she wanted to buck up into him and beg him to take her. But she kept her tongue busy on Xoco so she didn’t speak, letting out only moans instead, even as she shivered with pleasure and let her mind fantasize.

She just had to be patient, as much as she didn't want to be. But spirits, she had waited all her life for this!

Xoco was certainly loosening up, as well, as she leaned into that kiss and ran her tongue against Herrick’s mouth, her little fangs nipping at his lip. She moaned against him, her breath hitching and hips squirming every time Raxta's tongue hit her just right, and soon she was clinging to his shoulders for purchase as she shivered with pleasure. She peeked down between them between kisses, and her eyes widened at the sight of his cock as it stroked against Raxta, her breath hitching.

It seemed Raxta wasn’t alone in her need.

It was enough to drive her wild, and soon it did, her senses overloaded by the man and woman pleasuring her, the sight and smell of sex thick in the air. She rolled her hips as Raxta’s tongue worked her, still so sensitive from her last release—and then, taking even her off guard, she let out another cry and clung hard to Herrick as a fresh wave of pleasure rolled over her, making it hard to breathe as her body quivered.

Kunata / Re: One more look at the ghost... [M] [Glob!]
« on: November 26, 2017, 08:13:58 PM »
The sudden switch in sensations and motions was enough to stall her swiftly approaching release, but it seemed that is what Varian intended—and it felt no less wonderful, just different, drawing out the inevitable. Fang let out a soft whimper of need and want, gasping as he ground against her and rolling her hips against him demandingly. She didn’t know why he had changed pace, but she wasn’t about to complain, as much as she wanted to chase that new feeling.

And then his mouth was on her, and he was whispering to her—a salacious request.

Her eyes went wide, a fresh blush darkening her cheeks.

“B-but…the inn. They’ll hear—”

She had barely gotten the words out before he drew her legs up and began to truly pound her, and everything else flew out the window. She screamed, her head tossed back, hair a disheveled mess around her, helpless to control her own volume under the intensity of his fucking. She grabbed at his arms, nails digging in, sharp cries and moans pouring from her lips with each hard, deep thrust. Her voice echoed off the walls, and she knew it, knew she was loud—a surprising discovery for her, for she was so quiet otherwise—but she suddenly found she didn’t care who heard, who knew.

She just wanted this. Wanted this mindless dalliance. Wanted this surrender. And soon that hot, pleasurable sensation was building anew, growing more intense, and Fang arched her back and cried out to Inima and Varian alike. “Varian…! Varian, oh Inima, don’t stop, oh goddess, I—!”

Her words cut off with a sharp cry as her body tensed, her sex clamping around his cock, before the tension broke and she trembled uncontrollably, sobbing her pleasure as it flooded through her in heated waves.

Arca / Re: Swansong [M]
« on: November 18, 2017, 09:35:18 PM »
The boy gave a small shrug, dried his hands off on his breeches, and stood. “I’m free. Sounds better’n washin’,” he said. “Always get stuck doin’ women’s work here cuz they say I ain’t ready to be a stagehand. Load of bullshit.”

He rolled his shoulders back. “Okay, show me what’s what.”

Arca / Re: Crouching Owl, Hidden Leopard
« on: November 18, 2017, 09:21:07 PM »
Owl cocked her head and arched a single brow. Then she smiled, equally shit-eating.

"Your makeup? Well, that explains a lot."

Ketra / Re: This hurts me more than it hurts you. [M] [Aeyt!]
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:55:03 PM »
“...Oh.” Briar relaxed again and let out a breath. They had looked like items one might find in the hands of a dungeon interrogator—not that she thought Dirk would do anything to hurt her. But she was already jumpy about contact, so perhaps her mind made them more ominous than they were.

“Right. Hey. Of course. I knew that. I was just testing you, gods.”

She hesitated just a moment longer before she finally dropped the robe and quickly flopped belly down onto the cot—and bit back a wince and pained gasp as she caught herself on her hands. Not her brightest idea, but at least it was soft!

“Goddamn...where’d ya get this shit? And why haven’t ya pulled it out before? I coulda been sleeping on this all this time!”

Suna / Re: Kirin Quest! [open!]
« on: October 26, 2017, 01:29:23 PM »
In the distance, standing in the shadows of the trees, a slender creature watched the camp with eyes like fire and shimmering scales, its tall antlers blending with the branches and leaves wreathing its head. It was quiet for a time, simply observing with still calm. Then those luminous eyes blinked once--and it was gone.

"It hurts?"

Riyarin's eyes widened at that and she straightened up, staring into his face with genuine concern.

"What hurts? Are you okay? Am I hurting you?"

Arca / Re: Crouching Owl, Hidden Leopard
« on: October 26, 2017, 12:49:14 PM »
"Fancy?" Owl's eyebrow arched sharply.

"Just where are we going, exactly, that you'd need to be fancy? How fancy we talking here?"

Replace him--oh.

Xoco's face burned ever hotter when she realized what, precisely, he intended as he shifted himself down Raxta's body, and she shot a flustered look down at Raxta. But Raxta, ever calm and blunt, only motioned her over with a lick of her lips.

At least, she looked calm on the outside, but her heart was racing with passion and excitement and nerves all at once. Not only was she having a fresh new adventure with a human male, but the ice had finally been broken with Xoco after so many awkward years. It still felt unreal, but she let all the pent up feelings flow as Xoco turned to face Herrick while she climbed over Raxta--who grabbed her thighs and pulled her down more insistently, making her squeak.

But that squeak quickly turned to a gasp. Raxta was inexperienced, but it didn't take a genius to figure out what to do; she knew what she liked, and what she liked from Herrick, and so she used two fingers to spread Xoco while she darted out her tongue to taste her, purring her pleasure at her sweetness, at first teasing and testing before she began to lap at her clit. Her own hips jerked, little moans escaping her as she felt Herrick's cock rubbing against her, while above her Xoco whimpered and trembled and grabbed onto Herrick's shoulders for support.

"Oh spirits...!"

Moraki Desert / Re: Sand in all the wrong places. [Globster!]
« on: October 26, 2017, 12:27:38 PM »
Oh, he knew exactly what he'd done. That smirk was telling.

"They are...much smaller, yes. I'm surprised the man didn't have a heart attack," she said, as the brewmaster soon returned with a small crew, rolling the barrels out to them.

"A peasant could live off a single one of those for a year. Probably." She pursed her lips thoughtfully. Actually, she had no idea what the value would be top a peasant. A great amount, surely, but she had no real concept of what such a life was like, and thus no point of reference to make a comparison.

Suna / Re: Death by books. [open!]
« on: October 26, 2017, 11:36:01 AM »

The book conked him in the head, making Hayate grunt, but thank Inima it was a smaller, lighter volume. Didn't mean it didn't still hurt like a bitch, though! Especially with his head already sporting a nice bump or two.

With a groan, he held his head and glared knives up at the boy. "I'm going to assume that was an accident," he growled. Despite the boy deliberately standing up and lifting the book. And grinning while he did it.

"Unless you really are that eager to be banned for life. And you!" He leveled a finger at the strange winged woman. "You can stop gawking already. Or you can make yourself useful. Pick up a book or something."

With a groan, he pushed himself to his feet, hand still covering the small gash above his eye. He didn't mean to be so...bitey...but Goddess this was embarrassing, and add an audience and a rude little brat to the mix and he was definitely feeling less than patient and gracious.

Sirantil Valley / Re: Blood and Roses. [open/PM to join!]
« on: October 26, 2017, 11:18:33 AM »
Livestock? An adventurer? A young girl, too? Sadb's eyebrows rose. None of those rang any bells. She'd caught game animals since being out here, and a few men that had wandered too far from their group, gotten too nosy, too aggressive. None of those sounded like they matched anything she had done.

Especially not a little girl. No, only those that tried to hurt her first.

A chill shivered down her spine at the thought that she might not be the only monster out here. The only question was who should be more afraid of who?

She swallowed and raised her eyes to meet the soldier's. "There are a lot of predators out here. Wolves, bears. It's easy to get lost, too, if you're not used to it." She shrugged, a subtle attempt at dislodging the woman's hand. "Nothing unusual. Really, I'm fine!"

The Colosseum / Re: Make it RAIN...blood. |: [Aeyt!] [M]
« on: October 23, 2017, 05:19:40 PM »
Yasmin would have rather faced Vetger himself than participate in an execution.

She had hoped the last one was...well, her last.

For a moment she stood there, stomach twisting; it took a great deal to make that emotional and mental shift, to both resign and steel herself to murdering helpless people when she'd been prepared for animals. Vetger, however, showed no such hesitation. He flew into the fray, laughing, and effortlessly cut down the largest of the group in a stunt that would have been beautiful if it wasn't so ugly and bloody.

And then he was past the falling body--and tearing into the runners.

He went straight past the real criminals, the real fighters, and right for the frightened ones. The criers. The petty criminals that begged and sobbed and cowered as he hacked into them.

For a moment, Yasmin stared in abject horror and disgust. It usually went that they fought the aggressive ones first, and that, hopefully by the time they'd finished them, the timid ones would have transitioned from flight to fight. At least then she could try to goad them into an attack so it at least felt like self defense, sick as that was. But Vetger had also left her with all the true criminals as he slayed the weak ones, and as they saw their fellows get sliced into bloody meat, rather than freeze up, they got desperate.

Especially when they saw the other gladiator was just a woman.

While a group of them split off to try and get Vetger from behind while he chased down the runners, the bravest of the rest of them surged forward with yells and flailing weapons, and Yasmin snapped into action. It was her or them. That's what it always came down to. And her sympathies ended where her life was threatened.

She ducked low and swept the legs out from the leader of the pack, knocking him into the men behind him and finishing him with a quick horizontal slash to the belly that spilled his guts into the sand. He wouldn't die immediately, but he was certainly out of commission, so she turned her focus to the others as they swarmed her with clumsy strikes.

These were thugs, not fighters. Their brute strength and hard swings might work against the untrained folk they stole from, but not a trained gladiator who had been tested and survived time and time again. Yasmin twisted and weaved, her smaller size a boon in many ways. Her blade sang through the air, opening a throat here, a face there, her hands growing slick with blood as her own blood roared in her ears. But the will to survive another day was stronger than her own morality, so she let it go and went to the place she always did when it came down to this.

As she planted her foot on one corpse's chest and struggled to yank her blade out of his skull, another man armed with only a heavy chain looped it around her neck and pulled. She choked, genuinely surprised (and a little impressed) before she stomped hard on his instep and sank her elbow into his gut. A strong headbutt to his chin dislodged him, and she swung around and kicked him to the ground. Finally, she pulled her blade free and flicked the blood off of it.

The man, whose buddies had abandoned him, scrambled backwards from her on his hands, eyes wild with terror. The chain was far from his grasp.

Yasmin sighed and kicked a rusted sword toward him, one dropped by another criminal. "Come on. Get up."

This may be an execution, but she wasn't about to kill a man on his knees.

Seaside Town of Cerenis / Re: Stranger in a Strange Land [Aeyt!]
« on: October 22, 2017, 02:54:37 PM »
Somewhere into the third hour, Niamh thought that maybe she should have picked a fight with those bureaucratic assholes. The stocks couldn't have been more boring than this!

She kept to herself as she waited, counting cracks in the ceiling, and blatantly ignoring attempts at conversation. She didn't want to be here around all these unwashed heretics, she just wanted to be back at the temple where things made sense again. She was tired, she was irate, and God did no one in Serendipity bathe?

Finally, though, her turn came. With an exasperated huff, Niamh marched to the counter and thrust the ticket into the woman's hand with a scowl. "Niamh Mera. I'm here to pay this stupid tick--"

Boom! The building shuddered and Niamh let out a cry and grabbed onto the counter for support. She whipped a look around, eyes wide, one else was reacting? Aside from a few people stumbling or even the couple that fell, no one was bothered? And even the ones that toppled just got right back up like nothing happened. What the...?

She shot the elf woman a look. "The hell just happened?!"

"You're still alive," Riyarin said as she curled up in Kane's lap and laid her head against his chest.

"So your life isn't stolen. You still have years ahead of you to make your own, and do better. You've changed."

She flicked her tail, laying it across her lap, and squeezed Kane into a hug. "It's okay."

Zantaric / Re: Head hunting. [ALE-ALEJANDROOO~!] [M]
« on: October 22, 2017, 01:22:48 PM »
Ah yes, that was definitely Axieva's favorite shape. The one where he looked normal, like a proper peryton--and an attractive one, at that. She followed up his kiss with a playful nip on the chin before she snapped open her wings and gave them a good stretch.

"Do you have any ideas? The village has plenty of prey. But something tells me you would disapprove."

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