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Northern Serendipity / Re: Gun Runners (DragonSong)
« Last post by DragonSong on March 20, 2018, 08:07:20 PM »
Tara was in and out of sleep by the time Joshua returned, and more than a little groggy as he helped her stand and offered a shoulder for support.

She sort of had to smirk a bit and tease him, “Right to bed? My, aren’t you forward?” She chuckled quietly, though it quickly morphed into a groan as her side twinged painfully. No where near as bad as it could have been, but it’s pribably take another day or so before the soreness faded completely.

“Sleep sounds good,” she mumbled, the playful glint bleeding from her eyes.
Moraki Desert / Re: Desert Encounter (DragonSong)
« Last post by Jiaolong on March 20, 2018, 05:15:26 PM »
He snorted at that. “I never thought of it that way...” he said, moving along with her. The music finally stopped, the musicians wanting to retire for the night. Ruby smiled. He didn’t remember the last time he had spent so much time with someone else. Sometimes he grew tired of traveling in isolation.

“So, you said you were an escort before. I will be traveling through some rather dangerous parts to get where I need to much do you charge?”
Connlaoth / Azhke Vel - Professional lockpicker-- I mean upstanding citizen
« Last post by nephero on March 20, 2018, 04:58:36 PM »


*So come right in 'cause everybody sins
Welcome to the scene of the crime*

Azhke Vel



Thus far he’s just so thoroughly disgusted by people in general he hasn’t really “dwelled” on his sexuality much.

Starstrider Elf, House Horizon

6’2”, triangular shaped

Lockpick, burglar, and a few other things that may or may not be true depending on who’s asking and why.
But really, he's just a ratcatcher, he promises.

Reajh, Connlaoth


A tall and muscular man, it’s clear that Azhke has led a hard life. While still possessing the ethereal sort of beauty of his kind, his skin is rough and marked, with callouses on his hands and several scars across his knuckles and torso. His skin is a dark grey, and his hair is a deep, deep black that reflects no light at all. The most striking part of him is his eyes, a vibrant blue purple with paler pupils and blue sclera.

He tends to favor dark, simple clothing with no real baubles to speak of, mostly because it hides dirt a lot better. In addition to the leather bracers common in Connlaothian fashion, he also wraps thin fabric around his hands and knuckles to serve as rudimentary gloves, and his prized possession is a piece of fur he wears over his shoulders in cold weather.

Snarky, sneaky, dishonest, with a very “looking out for number one” attitude. He doesn’t hold much loyalty to… anyone, and the only real line he stands for is the bottom one.

Fun Facts!:
  • Likes making small firecrackers out of paper and black powder. Also handy distraction tools if you stick them all in a bucket and run.
  • Can’t read. He recognizes some markings and all, but aside from simple words he’s lost.
  • Don’t ask him where he got his jerky from.
  • Seriously, you don’t want to know.

He’s so sneaky. So, so sneaky. Dude just appears out of nowhere sometimes, I swear.
Also has standard elven sensory abilities, enhanced sight and hearing and the ability to see some distance in the dark with no light to aid him.

His bibi disappeared as soon as he was born, out of shame. His opo never fessed up to making him. So it was largely other Horizons who looked after his upbringing, but he never quite came to feel much of anything for any of them.

Has a fair network of connections in the seedy underbelly of the city. Nothing major, but he does know who to go to to sell stolen goods and where to get jobs.

It was hard growing up like Azhke did. Born out of Resonance, and thus House Horizon, the elves under no star, Azhke would always be an outcast. Rather than sit around waiting to “prove himself worthy” to his home community, Azhke took off into the southlands at the young, young age of 90 and ended up in Connlaoth. There, with even less of a support network, he was forced to learn to fend for himself, and happily took to the profession of picking locks. And he’s been quietly filching  ever since.


Northern Serendipity / Re: Gun Runners (DragonSong)
« Last post by Kingfisher on March 20, 2018, 04:57:47 PM »
It really did not take long to get things squared away.  If anyone was bothered by Connlaothian money, they did not mention it and soon enough, Joshua returned to Tara, room and meal paid for.

Returning most of the bard's money, the smith offered a shoulder if the girl wanted support.  "If you wanted something to eat, there's some waiting.  Otherwise, I can just help you to bed..."  He willfully ignored any potential suggestion tied to his offer.
Events Plotting / Re: Official Plotting thread for: The Connlaothian Civil War
« Last post by Spicyspice on March 20, 2018, 03:25:17 PM »
Just a reminder to all I'm still on hiatus but hoping to get back into rping once life becomes bearable!
Absences/Returns / Re: A Spicy Update
« Last post by Spicyspice on March 20, 2018, 02:51:37 PM »
Just bumping this since it's still valid. I can't say my life has moved forward at all, but I can guarantee it's a hot mess! I'll try to get back into rping, since I miss it dearly, but life has been pretty hard for me and I've been suffering from pretty severe depression because of it. Hopefully my hiatus won't last too much longer.
Serendipity / Roi E. Yatokami II Job: Nobleman/ Military Recruit WIP
« Last post by Rex-AO on March 20, 2018, 09:00:22 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Roi E. Yatokami ("E." for Enlil)
Age 24 years old
Gender Male
Species 50% Human, 25% shape-shifter, 25% vampire
Ethnicity half Yoreiqi/ half Serenian
Occupation Military
Residence Serendipity

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description





__________________THREAD TRACKER
Current Threads

Complete Threads
Wester Highlands / Re: Help With Homework (Emerald!)
« Last post by Eckhart_Von_Musel on March 20, 2018, 06:57:18 AM »
Arthur sat alone in his room back home, staring out the window. It was raining french onion soup today- his least favorite flavor. Feeling a tug on his pant leg, the boy looked down to see his plush dragon sitting by his feet. Arthur smiled. "Hello Tina! Sorry, no walk today..."

"That's okay!" the toy squeaked. "I have an important meeting to attend anyway." 

"Um, Arthur? Arthur?"

Arthur felt a sharp rapping on his head, and his bedroom faded away. Opening his eyes groggily, the boy found he was still in the school library. An older girl sat across from him now, a worried expression on her face. "Wha..." he said sleepily. "Who... who are you again?"

"Kia, please leave so I can close my eyes again..."
Northern Serendipity / Re: Enter Sandman (Emeraldknight)
« Last post by emeraldknight on March 20, 2018, 05:59:36 AM »
"Yes, the name, I've heard of it before, but I'm not quite..." It hit him hard, draining the color from his face in a matter of seconds. It was so clear now, without the distraction of bitter loss! "Ah... Uh..." The books had told of a necromancer named Alabaster Hope. He slaughtered many, using his undead army to try and conquer Darken Vei. They had also told of a child. The shock of realizing exactly who he was standing in front of felt almost darkly humorous, like a theater show. And it was usually at this point in the show where the evil warlock horrifically murdered the other man.

"A necromancer who goes by the name of Hope", he squeaked, desperately trying to be polite without compromising his values. "Are you, by any chance, not related to Alabaster Hope? The madman who killed a bunch of people? That Hope?" Diamond was having a small breakdown, unsuccessfully attempting to remain courteous, while also attempting to not soil himself. It took mere seconds for him to snap. "I won't tell anyone! I swear on my honor, you aren't a bad person, why would I tell, I'll forget all about it, just please don't kill me!"

"Hysterics" was an understatement.
Wester Highlands / Re: Help With Homework (Emerald!)
« Last post by emeraldknight on March 20, 2018, 04:05:34 AM »
Today served as a reminder. A reminder to remind the ghosts to always, always, shroud Hana when leaving class. As she exited the classroom to go to the library, she had been pulled aside by Magistrix Fen-Breath, and told of a student a few years down named Arthur Clearwater. Apparently, he had incredible potential, but was constantly sleeping during class. Because she hadn't actually been taking notes in that class like she was supposed to, Hana was assigned as his tutor. She didn't try to argue, even though she wanted to.

It wasn't hard to spot him. Stepping into the familiar library, she heard a loud snoring sound coming from a desk in the center of the room. Face pressed against the wood, in the center of a circle of annoyed students, was a rather... Comfy-looking boy, wrapped up in who knows how many layers of clothing, and with what seemed to be a pillow attached to his head. "No wonder he's always sleeping".

Sitting down across from him, she attempted to wake the boy. "Um, Arthur? Arthur?" She tapped the desk next to him a couple of times, to no avail. "Would anyone mind waking him? Like, maybe a few of you, please?", she murmured, as seven ghosts began smacking Arthur over the head. The minute power of the ghosts, combined with the protection provided by the pillow, made sure their efforts did not yield much benefit, so Hana pleaded for extra help. "Shut up, warden!" That was what the bitter ghosts called her. Some of the more pleasant souls still listened, however, and soon there were fifteen of them attacking his skull. "Please just wake up!"
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