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Author Topic: Sita; horse trader  (Read 1263 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Sita; horse trader
« on: March 01, 2011, 03:12:26 AM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Duhjari, of the plains people near Adela.
Horse trader
Moves between Adela and the Serha plains.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Dark, coppery skin, black spiky hair, and golden eyes. Beneath his eyes are a series of black, dotted tattoos that begin and end at the outer and inner corners of his eyes.

He usually wears a long tail of horse hair braided into his hair. Sita is a scruffy sort of guy, usually sporting a day-old growth of facial hair and sometimes goes longer when he's feeling especially lazy or distracted. He's tall, well-built, and muscular from a life of hard work, and it shows--in the form of calloused hands and a number of scars. Sita dresses plainly, in clothes he's not afraid to get dirty. He usually smells like horse and sweat and horse-sweat and can go for weeks without bathing when he's out on the plains, but while in the city he makes an effort to bathe more frequently, for everyone's sake.

Aside from the tattoos under his eyes, he has several more, including a sort of spiral tattoo that travels from the base of his spine and works up the back of his neck. His left bicep also sports a decorative armband. Both ears are pierced twice; one is a regular piercing, whereas the other is more of a plug, stretching his earlobe.

A rough and rugged horse-trader! Is originally from a tribe in the plains, but got ousted and now makes a living traveling between Adela and the plains, catching and breaking wild horses and selling them in the city. He lives rough and likes a good drink, a good brawl, and has a weak spot for gambling, mainly betting on races and fights. He's also a chauvinist and a traditionalist. Everything has its place in the world--you just gotta know yours.

Relatively laid back. He doesn't let much ruffle him and rolls with the punches (while delivering some of his own), but that doesn't mean people can't break through his defenses. It's pretty easy if one knows what buttons to press. Sita is a hard worker and since he expects a lot from himself, he expects a lot from others, as well. Still, he's generally willing to lend people (even total strangers) a hand when they're down, offer them a chance to build themselves back up, because he's been there before and he gets it.

Though laid back, Sita does have a rather volatile temper when the right buttons are pressed. This temper has lead to many a brawl and will likely continue to do so.

No magic. Is a skilled rider and good with horses, as well as a strong fighter.

Can speak two languages, Common and his tribal language. Common is his second language and, while fluent in it, sometimes nuances, puns, and double-entendres go over his head.

Has a brother, Aharu, chieftain of the Banyur tribe, and several nieces and nephews, including Jayari.


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