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Author Topic: Faolán Ruane; soldier  (Read 1283 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Faolán Ruane; soldier
« on: March 15, 2011, 07:46:52 PM »

DRAWN BY THE AMAZING LOOSHI! <3 Faolán on the left, Leon on the right. xD

__________________QUICK STATS
Faolán [FWAIL-awn] Ruane
Reajh, Connlaoth

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Pale blue eyes and strawberry blond hair worn pulled back into a small tail at the nape of his neck with stray bangs framing his face. Faolán has a lean, toned body earned from his training, though he's still at that young, awkward gangly age and hasn't filled out yet, still looking young and boyish and a little on the feminine side. Light-skinned, but tans in the sun.

Playful, optimistic, outgoing, and a shameless flirt with an enthusiastic worldview, Faolán only recently joined the Connlaothian military. He's got the new recruit syndrome--everything is exciting! He can be a bit overenthusiastic, though, which gets him into trouble. He's really making an effort to prove himself and carve out his niche among so many other great soldiers, but he realizes he has a long way to go.

Rather gullible; he trusts his older peers a bit too much and so can easily be fooled by wild stories, especially ones regarding witchcraft.


Has an older sister and brother, and his parents are still alive and well.

When Faolán was born, he was named Aisling, youngest daughter of his parents, and he lived as Aisling for much of his life. He never liked his name, he always balked at the clothing his parents stuck him in, and he was always attracted to more "masculine" activities. "Tomboy", his parents affectionately called him, and he figured that's what he was. After all, Connlaoth doesn't have the language to describe his experiences--especially when he hit puberty and started to develop curves.

Did other tomboys feel constricted in their own skin? Were other tomboys disappointed that they grew breasts instead of facial hair? Did other tomboys pretend to be boys when they played pretend and fervently wish it were so? Did other tomboys cringe at their own name, wince when they were called "she"?

He never told anyone about his experiences, because he was afraid to--afraid there was something wrong with him. And as he grew older, he was already getting in enough trouble for getting dirty and not acting like a lady. He admired the soldiers that returned to his small town yearly, soaking up their stories (which he eavesdropped in on) and thirsting for their adventures and freedom! He longed to one day be a hero, even.

And when he wasn't dreaming about elsewhere, he was living in dread, for his parents talked about how he would soon be old enough to wed.

Faolán didn't like the idea of disobeying his parents or breaking their heart, and he knew running off to join the army could be his death. But he also knew staying would be the death of him, so when he was 15 he bound his breasts, stole his brother's clothes, and ran away. He took on a new name, the name he gave himself from childhood whenever he played games and pretended to be someone else--

Someone else who, in truth, is who he really is.

He's found greater freedom in the military, even if it's a huge risk and a huge challenge! He knows that if he's ever outed, he could be killed. But it's a risk he finds 100% worth it. He is also still very conflicted about his identity; he knows he feels more comfortable in this role, but Connlaoth isn't exactly known for its tolerance, and so he has no idea how to really describe his experiences. He just knows he feels pretty alone in it.

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