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Author Topic: Yun Zhong; Warrior  (Read 1134 times)

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Yun Zhong; Warrior
« on: September 06, 2011, 11:29:31 PM »

__________________Quick Stats
Yun Zhong
Warrior Caste
Suna, Thanatos

__________________In-Depth Stuff

Physical Description
Yun is pretty unremarkable in looks, neither ugly nor stunningly beautiful.

She has shoulder-length blond hair and bangs cut straight across her forehead. She typically wears her hair pulled up and out of the way, in a simple topknot. Her eyes are a blue-gray and her skin is brown. She has a number of piercings, mainly her ears, belly, and a stud in her left nostril, and an intricate, colorful tattoo on her back that's a work-in-progress.

She's built lean, but years of training has made her body strong. Her build could best be described as "boyish", built almost straight up and down with very little curvature and small breasts, and she makes no effort to make herself appear more feminine. Her hands are callused and that's a good thing considering what she does! She's a little on the tall side for a Thanati woman.

Yun is pretty darned easy to figure out--namely because if she has something on her mind, she says it. She's outgoing and outspoken to the point of being annoying and has a tendency to talk too loud...about anything and everything, to anyone and everyone, so long as they're in hearing range (and even when they're not). Yun even carries on conversations with herself, as she hates silence.

She's goofy and cocky and likes playing pranks on people--pranks which often backfire, as she rarely thinks them through. For the most part, she's a friendly, jovial individual that loves talking and socializing and adores hugs.

...However, she's also extremely xenophobic.

She's fine traveling to other locations and gets along with the people there quite happily. What she has a problem with is 'foreigners' coming over to her island--Thanatos, that is. Basically, Yun has appointed herself as the self-proclaimed watchdog of Thanatos (or at least, her small corner of it), keeping a close and suspicious eye on newcomers until they earn her approval.

This also ties into her general cockiness. Yun has "little dog syndrome" and fancies herself bigger, stronger, and tougher than she is. Sure, she's a strong, tough girl! But her perception of herself is not at all aligned with reality and she has a tendency to be overambitious and overestimate her abilities. She talks a big game, and while her bite is painful, it's not nearly as painful (and earsplitting) as her yapping.

Yun is also deathly afraid of the dark to the point of freezing up in terror if she's not careful. No reason, it's just a childhood phobia that she never quite shook and it's quite embarrassing, not to mention inconvenient. She also has a very active imagination which doesn't help her there any, as it's easy for her to conjure up monsters and spirits from shadows and animals rustling in the bushes. She's also very superstitious and scared to death of spirits, though she's never actually seen one (though she swears up and down that she has seen at least a hundred).

Yun is decent with a sword and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but her favorite weapon is metal fans. Small in size, Yun's style is one that uses her opponent's force against them, and in this fashion, Yun is perfectly capable of holding her own against someone much larger than her. She has speed and agility on her side--but she's no superhuman, either, and her strength is not in raw power but rather in using an enemy's moves against them. In other words? Yeah, she'd lose at arm-wrestling. |:

Yun's parents are both still alive and living happily on the the isle of Ruku.

Yun was born and raised on Thanatos (specifically, the isle Ruku), the only child of a loving couple of the Warrior caste, long since retired. Though they love her, she drove her parents insane and put a lot of gray hairs on their heads. Even from a young age, she was a tomboy that took every opportunity to get into trouble. It was actually a relief when she was finally deemed old enough to begin her Warrior training, because that provided something that Yun sorely lacked: discipline, and a dignified outlet for her behavior.

But mostly discipline.

Yun had grown up admiring the Warriors but as it turned out, training under them was a lot more difficult than she expected. But after years of discipline, training, and subsequent ass-kicking, she's come a long way--and still has a long way to go.
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