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Author Topic: Axieva; barbarian/mercenary  (Read 664 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Axieva; barbarian/mercenary
« on: January 07, 2013, 03:12:26 PM »
All artwork by me! 8D

Full-body pic!
Extra pic!

__________________QUICK STATS
Axieva (Ahh-shee-ey-vah)
With antlers, 5'10".
Wanders; originally from the tundra.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Axieva is humanoid in shape, built lithe, long-legged, and practically flat-chested. Her skin is a warm brown with red undertones. While she looks mostly human, there are some large and obvious differences--like her ears, which are shaped like a deer's and covered in soft brown fur. She also has small antlers growing from her skull, though they are short (about four inches) and only have two prongs. Her hair is brown with streaks of turquoise in her bangs. She generally wears it long; it reaches to her lower back, though it is usually kept tied back in a thick braid.

She also has a deer's tail, brown with a white underside. As for her legs, they are mostly human in shape until you get to her shins--that is where the humanness ends and where they turn into a deer's legs, ending in dainty cloven hooves and covered in that same short fur.

On her back are a series of long, ugly scars that mark where she once had wings. Has a series of other scars marking her body, as well, notably bad scarring over her right eye. She wears an eyepatch over it, as the injury claimed her eye.

Her teeth are sharp and deadly, not at all the flat teeth of an herbivore. Most notable are her elongated "fangs" that extend out of her mouth and overlap her bottom lip. These "fangs" are actually small tusks.

She tends to dress in furs, generally a thick skirt. Prefers going shirtless, but has discovered that people are annoyingly modest and so covers up when she's in town. Often paints a streak of red-brown down her bottom lip, and a dot of it on her brow between her eyes.

Casts the shadow of a deer rather than a humanoid shape.

Lacks human morals and ideals. Strange sense of humor. Very "me" centric. Very secure in her abilities to the point of overestimation, bordering on megalomaniac. Etc. xD I will write more later, but am feeling lazy.

Skilled hunter and tracker. Exceptional hearing and sense of smell but weak eyesight. Not particularly powerful, but stealthy.


Her kind naturally crave the flesh of humans, particularly their blood and livers. Her clan was once highly feared in her neck of the tundra as skilled hunters infamous for attacking small human camps to feed. Eventually, their reign came to an end when they bit off more than they could chew and walked into an ambush, the result being that her clan was pretty much wiped out.

She and the survivors were forced to flee, but lost each other in a blizzard. Axieva spent some time looking for them, but was ultimately forced to give up and carry on without them.

Alone, she was a target (for many folks would recognize her for what she was and attack her), so she left the tundra and headed toward a warmer and unfamiliar climate where people were less likely to know of her kind and their bloody legacy. The craving never went away, however. Ultimately, she discovered that she could indulge her cravings in a more "acceptable" way by making a life for herself as a mercenary.

She tends to live on the fringes of society and rarely goes into town, as her appearance tends to make people uncomfortable.

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