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Author Topic: Sahar Nagi; clairvoyant temple priestess  (Read 707 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Sahar Nagi; clairvoyant temple priestess
« on: May 10, 2013, 02:57:05 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Sahar Nagi
Priestess/clairvoyant/sacred prostitute

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Sahar has rich umber skin and inky black hair that falls past her shoulders and is worn in a series of tiny, intricate braids and rubbed with perfumed oil to keep it healthy. For decoration, the tips of each braid are covered in a golden, decorative cap. Out of her braids, her hair is very thick and curly, and she prefers to keep it braided so she doesn't have to deal with it.

Her eyes are large and dark brown, almost black, and she lines them with kohl to further accent them. She often paints her full lips, and she wears many bangles and beads and anklets and bracelets.

She has a slender body type with rounded hips and full breasts. She tends to dress in sheer robes dyed in bright patterns and accented with a sash.

Rather naive and sheltered. The life she knows is the one within the temples. However, just because she is naive doesn't mean she is ignorant. She is educated on a wide variety of subjects, is literate, and spends a lot of her time reading--and not just from her religious texts! She enjoys reading tales from around the world, and also has a guilty pleasure for racy poetry.

While she puts on an air of being wise and serious when around outsiders, and while she has the look of someone very refined, within the temple among her friends she is known for being a childish goofball and a flirt.

She also has a tendency toward ambivalence. She's spent a long time filling her head with knowledge and helping people with their problems--but she knows very little about herself. Now that she is an initiated priestess, she actually has a little time to try to find herself, but it's a confusing journey.

Sahar rather enjoys serving the temple, and honoring Hakeshna in this way. Doing so has also given her many freedoms she might not have had otherwise--such as not having to marry. She is a little disappointed that she'll never know love in that sense, but not by much--because she likes that she has the freedom to enjoy pleasure without ever being "owned".

Sahar possesses a profound gift when it comes to divination and is skilled in a variety of techniques, particularly scrying. Sometimes she also has visions, though they come at a cost--horrible migraines at best, and epileptic fits at worst. The visions are not always accurate, as well, and are sometimes about things that will happen in the future, or things happening now, or maybe even in the past. But they are not always relevant, reliable, or profound--sometimes they're just about the guy in the street scratching his bum.

But sometimes, sometimes they are very important.

She is a decent dancer and a skilled flute player. She also has training as a midwife, and has helped deliver several babies into the world. With that training also comes some skill as a healer.

Four sisters (three younger, one older) and one older brother. Her oldest sibling is Nasrin.

Sahar was a sickly child, prone to horrible migraines and, in the worst cases, seizures. She talked of seeing strange things, but her parents just thought them dreams and hallucinations, brought on by her sickness. It wasn't until she grew older and predicted her brother falling and breaking his arm (which he did later that day) that they realized her visions were prophetic.

Realizing she had a gift, she was promptly dedicated to the temple at the age of 12. In addition to knowing she had a special purpose to serve Hakeshna, her parents hoped the priests and priestesses would be able to help their daughter with her visions' horrible side effects. So far, the side effects cannot be controlled--but the pain of her migraines can at least be alleviated with the opium the temple provides her.

At the age of 18, Sahar completed her training and was initiated into the priesthood, and she has become rather popular for her clairvoyance. Many people come to visit her, hoping she will have a vision that will help them--and many merchant princes and princesses have their eye on her, seeking her out for any knowledge she can impart.

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