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Author Topic: Einin Beirne aka Owl; noblewoman, crime fighter, unofficial Soot Wolf  (Read 929 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

DISCLAIMER: Owl is deeply tied to the Soot Wolves! Please be aware that any threads with her must be done with the understanding that Soot Wolves, or Rufus himself, could show up in the thread! xD
__________________QUICK STATS
Einin (pronounced ay-neen) Beirne
Goes by "Owl" when on the prowl.
Panromantic demisexual
Noblewoman, officially.
Crime fighter, unofficially.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Einin has peachy skin and long, straight hair that is a light pink in color. Her eyes are a slightly darker pink. She has a rather cute, feminine face with full lips and a beauty mark just below her left eye. Her build is slender, yet athletic from the swordplay lessons she's been given, but she's got feminine hips and smallish breasts. Her skin is smooth and relatively unmarred with the healthy glow of youth.

In her day to day life, she dresses like a proper Serenian noblewomen in elegant dresses with her hair usually plaited in some fancy hairstyle or other.

However, there is another side of her that comes out at night. ;D

That is when she binds her chest, dons men's clothes, and assumes the persona of Owl, named for the mask she wears that covers her face from the nose up. The mask is designed to look like a horned owl, complete with tufts of feathers at the top that resemble an owl's ear tufts. A brown feather cloak completes the owl motif. She tends to wear her hair up and out of the way during her adventures, and colors her hair and eyes a mousey brown with the aid of illusion magic. While she doesn't actively claim to be male in this form, she neither claims to be female, either, and most simply assume she's a man. She's lets them assume.

In her day to day life, Einin tries to play the part of the proper noblewoman. She knows how to say the right things, when to smile pretty, when to laugh, when to compliment, and when to act coy. She treats it as a performance, though, and though technically she is performing when she is "Owl", truthfully, "Owl" is closest to who she really is, while her noblewoman persona is the real performance.

As Owl, she is brave, adventurous, and more than a little foolhardy, with a theatrical air about her. She's always had an interest in acting, and it comes out through Owl.

Whoever she is, though, some things remain the same. Einin is a strong woman and is driven by the desire for success--to accomplish her dreams of becoming a knight--and this thirst for success has made her quite the perfectionist. She hates being mediocre at things; she wants to be good at the things she does! This also means that, while she can be quite cocky and overconfident about things, it's mostly all bluster. Truthfully, she's very insecure, and she tends to be her own worst critique, though her self-criticism only rears its head when she's around someone she admires, whose opinion she values. Around other people, she tries to exude confidence.

She's bright, a quick learner, and has a playful and sometimes childish sense of humor. Basically, she's a big dork. However, she has a very hard time dealing with shades of gray and tends to view the world in black and white, heroes and villains. Lately, this view has been directly challenged, though, as she has experienced things that directly contradict it--and even befriended and enemy. She has a strong sense of justice, too, but lately even that has been challenged--because the world isn't just, and things aren't so cut and dry.

She has a bit of a temper, and can swear in a most unladylike fashion. (Something she did ironically at first, and then to bother her parents, but it later became part of her vocab.) She often suffers from overconfidence, cockiness, and impulsiveness, and as a result can overreach, but is slowly learning patience.

Has a deep fear of losing her freedom and losing herself, and a fear of intimacy, and as a result has some trouble bonding with others. While she is friendly, it can take her time to really connect with people on a deeper level, as she can be cautiously distant and doesn't like feeling vulnerable. It's not noticeable, exactly. She just has a tendency to deflect topics off of herself and onto other people when they get too deep.

Einin possesses illusion magic. She can alter minor, superficial things about her appearance, like her hair and eye color, and can create likewise superficial, but theatrical illusions, like puffs of smoke for an escape or darker shadows to blend in better with her surroundings. Her illusions deal with the physical. Even if a person knows something is an illusion, a puff of illusory smoke will still obscure one's vision.

She's a competent fencer and skilled with the saber, and has learned many dirty tricks from her lessons with Ryk Handelaar. What she lacks in strength, she makes up for in speed.

She's also rather sneaky, from being a troublemaker as a child and learning how best to evade her parents and servants. Quick on her feet, and not prone to clumsiness. Also quite skilled at climbing.

She can play the rebec, though she's only decent at it, and doesn't practice much.

-Talon, her double-edged saber.

-A Thanati fuiyun deck of cards. It looks like your standard fuiyun deck made up of 78 cards, but it is truly a deck of illusions. Each card has an image on it, and when thrown to the ground, the image will manifest as a powerful illusion, creating even sounds and smells. The illusion only lasts five minutes, however, and can be broken if struck. Once used, the card becomes blank, and cannot be used again. Currently, Einin's deck contains 76 cards.

-Ice dagger! A small, plain dagger that freezes as it cuts.

-Enchanted armor. Given to her by Ryk Handelaar, it is soft and supple like leather, but turns away weapons like full plate mail. Designed specially for her, it is made up of many small feather-shaped pieces of leather overlaid and stitched together. She tends to wear this under her clothes.

Parents: Mother (Anya) and father (Albrecht). Both are alive, well, and searching for a good political match for their rather strange daughter. They are a bit overbearing and smothering, but they mean well, even if they drive her crazy.

Theodore Wrenthis/Rufus/Ryk Handelaar - Once her "arch nemesis", and now her mentor and friend. She met him as Rufus, and he was the first real criminal she met very early on in her nightly adventures. While she initially viewed him as a dangerous foe, he felt for her, and took her under his wing as Ryk Handelaar. Later, he moved heaven and earth to rescue her when she was taken by goblins, and that cemented thei relationship. Owl deeply cares for him and has a bit of a puppy crush on him (which couldn't go anywhere, considering he's in love and getting married!), but mostly she views him as a teacher and a dear friend. She feels comfortable opening up to him because of their strange similarities, something which can't be said for most of the people in her life. She still has trouble with his criminal life, but she trusts him, and interacting with him has broadened her black and white outlook on life.

Jarrett L'isson - Owl doesn't really know wtf is up with him except that he pops up in the weirdest places, and usually with a dead person! D8 And that she's now apparently engaged to him! Truth be told, she doesn't know what she thinks of him! He has complicated her life significantly, that's for sure! Mostly, he perplexes and intrigues her.

Wilbert Clint West - Childhood friend, and Einin was a terrible friend. xD Einin tormented him and gave him ridiculous dares. Like eat worms, which he did, and which both sickened and impressed her.

Smed "the Red" Anklehacker - he captured and tortured her and is the source of many a nightmare. |: She really wants to kill him.

Einin knows that, one day, she'll be married off and have to live a "respectable" life, make babies, all that fun stuff. She's trying her best to be "respectable" right now, but not doing a very good job of it, and she was always known to be a curious child.

From a young age, she was fascinated by adventure. In fact, she started training in fencing when she was a child after becoming interested in it because of a scene in a play she saw. Her parents humored her and set her up to receive lessons--both because it was practical and a good means of exercise (for the child was full of crazy amounts of energy), and because they figured she'd lose interest when she realized it wasn't just about flailing around and required actual discipline. They were wrong--she was enamored.

And that thirst for adventure only grew the older she got.

Bored of being "good", and inspired by one too many fantasy stories, Einin started dressing up and sneaking out several years ago in a fit of rebellion, but it was only recently that she realized her potential, completely by accident. On one such harmless adventure, she caught a man accosting another woman and, unable to just walk by, she stepped in and got attacked herself.

She managed to come out of the encounter unscathed and empowered, and decided to start exploring that side of her more, and putting her adventures to good use by helping people.

More than anything, she dreads losing this freedom, and dreads the day she has to marry.

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