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Author Topic: Briar; best thief EVARRRR  (Read 685 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Briar; best thief EVARRRR
« on: July 05, 2013, 01:44:49 AM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Thief (THE BEST.)

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Short, messy violet hair, usually tied back with a bandana and worn longer in the front than in the back, with decorative beads threaded through the strands. Ice blue eyes. Her skin is a rich brown in color. Briar is built lithe and slender, ideal for slipping into tight spaces. She has a woman's figure, but a small bust.

Her bottom lip is pierced through the middle, and her ears sport three small hoops in each ear with a larger one at the bottom of her ear lobe. Her only other bit of jewellery is a jade necklace.

Intricate, swirling tattoos done in rust-red cover her body. More tattoos, done in deep blue ink, cover the palm of each hand: an image of an open eye.

She tends to dress plainly, in clothes that let her blend in and don't stand out. She is rarely without a pair of gloves on her hands, so the tattoos there are rarely seen.

Full. Of. Herself. |:

Briar is awesome! So awesome! You don't even realize how awesome she is. She loves to talk about herself and her exploits and loves to brag, and knows how to run her mouth like nobody's business. She's an attention whore and as far as she's concerned, any attention is good attention. The worst thing for he is being ignored or brushed off, as she likes to be in control of interactions.

She's an adrenaline junky. While she started out a thief out of necessity, she's made enough money that she could live an honest lifestyle--but she chooses not to. At this point, thievery is an addiction and a rush.

Beneath all the confidence and arrogance there is a load of insecurity and a butt-load of self worth issues. Though she'd never admit it, she seeks the approval of others through her bragging (hoping they'll agree with her) while simultaneously claiming she doesn't give a crap about the opinions of others. And when she makes a mistake, she's the one who'll be hardest on herself, often blowing it out of proportion. She's a perfectionist and her own worst critic and strives hard to be the best at what she does.

This perfectionism causes her to be hard on other people, too. She's loyal to her friends, but can also be rather awful to them, and claims it comes from a place of tough love. She can be a real ass, and enjoys teasing and messing with people. She is also very goal oriented, and will let nothing stand between her and what she wants. While she doesn't go out of her way to kill people, she has done so before out of necessity (or because they got in her way)..

Does not like to be touched.

Psychometry. Briar can read objects through touch (specifically through her hands), which makes her quite skilled when it comes to tracking and thieving. The more recent the event in the object's history, the clearer and more vividly it comes to her, while old memories are duller and may be incomplete. This applies to not only inanimate objects, but also to people and animals--which can be pretty uncomfortable. She can't read thoughts by touching them, but she can pick up on past events and things that happened to them.

This skill also helps her in combat; when faced with an unfamiliar weapon, she can actually absorb the skill of the person who's wielded it. This takes focus, however, and is rather difficult for her to do. Weapons often come with a violent history, and the flood of emotion and images that come from touching a weapon not her own can be overwhelming and unpleasant.

This can be applied to other things she touches, as well. If she touches the tools of a seamstress, for example, she could pick up her ability to sew. If she touches an artist's paintbrush, she could absorb some of their talent. This does not, however, apply to magical abilities, as she has no magical ability herself. This is limited solely to physical abilities.

By and large, she prefers to use her ability as little as possible--hence the gloves. Her ability is exhausting, and is the primary reason she hasn't had more intimate relationships. Touch is tricky. |: Her one attempt at an intimate affair was cut short and ended in disaster.

She is skilled with a sword, but prefers close range weapons that she can conceal on her body without them being all clunky like a sword and sheath. She prides herself on being sneaky enough that she doesn't usually have to fight, but when it comes to a fight, she fights dirty.


She doesn't talk about it. |:

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