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Author Topic: Yasmin Kader; "professional" gladiator  (Read 655 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Yasmin Kader; "professional" gladiator
« on: March 07, 2014, 04:46:32 PM »

All art by me! 8D Also, old pic!

__________________QUICK STATS
Yasmin Kader
Her nickname in the Colosseum is The Lioness, for killing a lion her first time in the arena.
Gladiator and slave

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Yasmin is dark-skinned with light brown eyes, black hair, and full lips. She wears her curly hair cropped short so there's less of a risk of it being grabbed in a fight. While she has pretty features, she also bears a number of nasty scars earned in various matches, most of them from minor injuries though she has a rather impressive one, obviously made by a blade, that goes from her left hip across her back.

She has a strong build from years of hard work and fighting. Most of the time, however, it's hidden beneath the robes and veil of a slave.

On her fingers are a series of tattoos, several black bands circling her fingers. So far, there are 21 marks--two on each finger, with three on her left thumb and two on her right.

Yasmin has adopted a "if I don't laugh, I'll cry" mentality about life. So instead of crying, she chooses to laugh. Life's short and brutal, after all, and she'd rather enjoy the time she has left. In the gladiator ring, she can be a jokester at terrible moments because that's how she copes, and she is known for having a rather morbid sense of humor as a result.

Though she is a trained killer, she is not without compassion. She kills because it's either her or them, and they are in the same position as her; that's it. But she also remembers every life she takes. She tries to be supportive of others when out of the ring, and has been known to help people who have suffered injuries in the ring--including people she might have injured.

Very strong-willed with a solid backbone. She is not afraid of speaking her mind.

Has a deeply rooted fear of herself--or rather, of losing herself. Deep inside, she feels like she is becoming a monster, and it terrifies her that she is more comfortable with the predictability of death and dying than, well...most of the things that come with living. She doesn't really like surprises; she is very much driven by self-preservation and fear, so routine is basically her only comfort in life.

While she puts on the air of being nonchalant in the arena, she also isn't made of stone by any means. The Colosseum has deeply changed and affected her. She is jumpy, and tends to react violently when sneaked up on or surprised, even in jest. She has terrible nightmares, and prefers to sleep alone rather than around others for this reason, because she tends to come out of those screaming.

No magic! But excellent stamina and endurance. A cunning fighter in the Colosseum.

She has a few people she is cautiously friendly with, mostly fellow gladiators. However, she's afraid to get too close; she may have to fight them one day, and they might get killed even before that day comes.

She hate, hate, hates volunteer gladiators who do it willingly for the sport of it.

Thaaaaat is not something she likes to discuss!

What is common knowledge, however, is that five years ago she was sold by her last master to the gladiator's arena. Originally, it was thought that she wouldn't stand a chance and would die in her first match, which was against a pissed off lion that had already killed the others in the ring. However, with some quick thinking and sheer, panicked determination, she survived. Since then, she trained furiously and has been in many other matches, and has earned a small following, as well as some interested parties that would like to buy her since she's been bringing in a fair bit of money.

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