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Author Topic: Zilaphia, Insect Queen  (Read 467 times)

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Zilaphia, Insect Queen
« on: March 07, 2014, 11:51:05 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Zilaphia
Nicknames/Alternate Names
Age 63
Gender Female
Species Xillian
Ethnicity Xilliani
Height 9'2"
Occupation Insect Queen
Residence Kishahn Jungle

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description Her Body: Zilaphia is not an attractive creature. Well, that's not really fair. By insect standards Zilaphia is breathtaking, a beautiful representation of maternal power composed of light and colors that humans can't even imagine. The average mammal, however, only sees a giant white insect with a surprisingly soft exoskeleton. For easy reference the rest of the description will be how a human would see her.

She has a three-segmented body. Her abdomen is massive and bulbous. It seems to swell against the confines of her exoskeleton, creating stretch marks and strain. Relatively her thorax and head are much smaller. Three legs extend from her thorax, but they aren't strong enough to move her. They barely reach the ground actually. Her head is a tangled mass of mouths, mandibles, eyes, and two huge antennae. Not just large because she's large, but even relative to the rest of her body they are massive.

Her Workers: The drones are awkward looking creatures, though surprisingly effective ones. At five feet tall, they are much smaller than their queen, and much lighter too. They have small abdomens, and a wide thorax from which four legs extend. Two arms come out of the top of the middle segment near the head. All six limbs are identical-looking, though the four leg ones are stronger and thicker. Drones have small heads with, again, relatively large antennae. Each has four eyes, two mandibles, and a single mouth. The head is small compared to just about everything else about it. Each is covered in a black exoskeleton that gleams with a shiny, glossy sheen. They are much stronger than most species of human size.

Her Warriors: The warriors are about the size of an average human. They stand five feet and ten inches tall, though they weight about twice as much as normal humans. They have abdomens and thoraxes of the same size. and they stand on two thick, hair-covered legs. They possess four arms. which are essentially blades with hands on the end. They have small heads with two eyes, and smaller antennae than their drone brethren. They have no mandibles, but they do have a mouth. A warrior's shell is extremely durable, and shines with the same black, glossy color as the drones. They are immensely strong, though rather slow.

Noticeable Marks A huge scar runs along the length of her abdomen.

Personality Zilaphia's main trait is a kindness. She was specifically chosen as one of the kindest and most graceful of her sisters. These traits were deemed as the most likely to ensure survival in a hostile environment. Unlike many of her species, the queen has a strong control over her expansionistic impulses.

She is fiercely protective of her brood of workers and warriors, though since she has complete control of her drones and they have no consciousness, it could be said that she's intensely protective of herself.

Zilaphia always try to get along with as many people as possible. She is impeccably polite, though she can come off a a little stiff. The queen has a certain serene grace about her which even a mammal can perceive it, despite the fact that to most of them she seems immensely ugly.

Faith Only in herself.

Telepathy: Zilaphia can control her drones and her warriors, even a continent away. Within a certain range, she can project words and images into the minds of others. The more susceptible her target is to ESP, the more vivid the images and words she can project. Queens can communicate at any distance, though this doesn't matter since she's the only one left.

Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful
Fighting skills/techniques: Her warriors are powerful combatants
Special skills: Psychic projections
Weapon of choice (if any): Her warriors
Weaknesses in combat: Main body is vulnerable
Strengths in combat: Many soldiers at her behest


History Zilaphia is the last of a race of expansionistic insect species called the Xilliani. This species was a collection of queens, workers, and warriors. Each queen controlled a colony of drones through psychic powers, and only the queens had consciousness. This created a situation where the queens lived with few companions, and all of them knew each other/were sisters.

These insect queens grew and developed on a continent far to the southeast of Le'raana. There, the insects grew too powerful to fast, and they threatened far too many of their neighbors. Other countries and species allied themselves against the expansionistic Xilliani and worked together to destroy them.

The Xilliani, pushed to the brink of extinction, sent their youngest and most diplomatic queens on a small fleet of ships. Each was sent in different directions, to go to new places and to found a new colonies. The rest stayed behind to appeal for mercy. Right from the start Zilaphia detected that those sisters who had remained behind had been killed, their psychic links severed. Over the next few months, more and more of the other colony sisters fell out of contact. Eventually, Zilaphia was the only one left. This was shocking and new to her. Never before had the voices of her sisters been silenced in her mind. She was distraught, but she swore to continue on in their memory.

The trip from continent to continent took years, and in that time the small colony onboard the ship shrunk and shrunk as nonessential warriors and drones were starved to conserve food for the others. Eventually only Zilaphia herself and a single worker drone were left. Fortunately enough, the queen was still in her first phase, and therefore still mobile. The ship finally arrived at land, depositing this lonely pair in a jungle.

The last remaining Xilliani couldn't have gotten luckier. It was easy to find food to grow and expand in a lush environment like a jungle. It was only the two of them, one worker and one queen, for a short time, but Zilaphia quickly matured to her second stage, the one she's currently in. The mothering phase.

The colony began expanding rapidly, and only a year after it's creation there are ten full-grown warriors and twenty workers. Zilaphina continues her growth, doing her best to stay out of everyone's way and to avoid stepping on toes. The colony is still in a precarious position, and she has purposely slowed down it's rate of growths so it's less alarming to the other kingdoms nearby. The Xilliani will continue, advised by the mistakes of the past, towards the future where they can live happily.

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Re: Zilaphia, Insect Queen
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away. Within a certain range, she can project words and images into the minds of others. The more susceptible her target is to ESP, the mor