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Author Topic: Sadb Voss; witch of thorns  (Read 581 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Sadb Voss; witch of thorns
« on: April 16, 2014, 12:25:58 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Sadb (pronounced "Sive" as in "dive") Voss
Hermit? xD
Sirantil Valley

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Sadb is a pretty woman, with long, bright red hair usually worn in two braids and pale, freckled skin. Her eyes are a pale green, striking against her complexion. She had a rather delicate build with slim hips and small breasts, her figure generally hidden beneath her breeches and the layers of furs that she wears to guard against the chilly wind of the valley.

A woman of few words, and the words she does speak tend to be scathing and cynical. Not so much because she wants to be cruel, but to encourage others to keep their distance.

Deep down inside, however, she's terrified and lonely.

Sabd will be the first to claim that her magic is a curse.

For her power manifests as thorns.

Unlucky for her, several years ago, she offended a local feral fae when she had a thorn bush burned in order to be removed from her family's property, as it had grown too big over the years and was no longer worth the beautiful roses it produced, and as some of their livestock had injured themselves on it. Sadb noticed too late that the rose bush bled. Enraged by the wanton destruction of the plant that birthed her (and being very petty creatures in general), the fae cursed her with a terrible magic, and made a servant of her.

Sadb has power over thorns, and she must keep the fae fed through blood sacrifice. The fae demands her tribute by the full moon of every month, feeding on the blood and pain Sadb's thorns draw. And it is only through these blood sacrifices that Sabd can keep her own power under control, for the fae is sated by blood and pain, and grows more restless when she hungers--and thus, Sadb's power grows harder to control. Sabd doesn't know what would happen if she missed a tribute, whether the fae would take her over, or simply consume her instead, and her own blood and pain tithes sate the fae only a little--she thinks because the fae delights in tormenting her.

Sabd longs for a cure, for an escape, but is also afraid of seeking it, because that means interacting with people, which can be dangerous--for herself and for them. And because most people she's met have wanted to kill her, not help her.

It doesn't help that she had made her home in a cave in the side of the mountains, a cave that is protected on the outside with monstrous, thorny plants and vines. And that is how she tithes, mostly; she simply waits for people to come, usually foolhardy soldiers come to capture the monster, and waits for them to inevitably get tangled. However, animals work just as well, and not all her victims are human, though the fae prefers it. Sabd prays for only animals, but without fail, she often gets people--and to make herself feel better about the situation, she tells herself it is merely self-defense.


Had a normal, happy life! Then she was cursed. |: She fled to Sirantil Valley to be away from people, because her power first manifested very...publicly, and violently.

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