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Author Topic: Anoki; whore and Lady of the Night  (Read 695 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Anoki; whore and Lady of the Night
« on: June 23, 2014, 02:27:45 PM »

Art by me. 8D

__________________QUICK STATS
Whore Name
Crime-Fighter Name
Prostitute/crime fighter
The Randy Peach

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Anoki is a rather petite thing, built slender with rounded hips and a modest bust. She has a refined look about her, with thick, wavy red hair that falls to her shoulders. She likes to decorate strands of it with feathers and colorful beads and ribbons, or intricate hairpieces when she can get a hold of them.

Her skin is a dark, coppery brown, and her almond-shaped eyes are a soft jade in color with thick black lashes.

Anoki knows how to work the system and is good at reading people. She is whatever her john wants her to be, from virgin-innocent to raunchy to elegant and refined, and is adept at blending, and adapting, to different social situations. She has a reputation for being adventurous, and for being open to trying out niche kinks--barring some things, and preferring others. She says it keeps things fresh and interesting, and it certainly gives her some fun (and funny) stories to share with the other girls.

With Anoki, nothing is sacred. She is observant and intelligent, cunning and clever, with a sarcastic sense of humor often delivered dry. She's incredibly confident, the sort of girl that knows she's pretty--and loves herself in a self-accepting, matter-of-fact way. She is honest--often when she shouldn't be--and is the sort of person that knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to seek it out or even demand it.

While she isn't oblivious to what some of the other girls go through, Anoki genuinely enjoys her work, and the freedom it offers.

She has a patriotic streak a mile way and will punch anyone who badmouths king or country. Mainly because she has a giant crush on their king, and no other reason.

No magical abilities to speak of. However, Anoki is very skilled with knives.

She comes from one hell of a large family. |:

Anoki was born to a poor family. As one of the oldest children, she was constantly doing what she could to chip in and help support her many siblings. At first, that meant care-taking, and then odd jobs, before it escalated to riskier behaviors like petty theft. But after getting caught and just about losing her hand, she started to look for other ways to get by and feed her siblings, growing desperate after her father's death, and with her mother's failing health.

She was 16 when she first sold her body on the streets.

It paid decently, and though it was still risky, it also wasn't illegal. And as it turned out, she enjoyed the work and it paid well. There was power and autonomy in it, too, because as she grew more confident in herself, and as she began to truly enjoy her work, she could choose her clients and demand higher pay for her services.

However, the work was also dangerous. More than a few times, she wound up in a scrape she was lucky to come out of alive. She still bears the scars of those experiences, and she was lucky she'd always taken to carrying knives on her, because that was the only thing that saved her.

Those experiences, however, lead her to seek out safer employment, and she soon found The Randy Peach. To this day, she still sends money home to her family, but she rather likes her set up at the Randy Peach because she can afford to be more picky about who she services--and because many of the Peaches there have formed a secret group to protect each other, and protect their city.

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