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Author Topic: Faris Zaman; soldier  (Read 646 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Faris Zaman; soldier
« on: August 07, 2014, 12:07:51 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Faris Zaman

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Faris is built tall and strong, with deep brown skin and hazel eyes often lined with kohl. She keeps the sides of her head closely shaved, with the rest of her thick, curly hair swept back and fashioned into a mohawk that falls down to her shoulders. She keeps it well maintained with perfumed oils, and often dyes the tips of it red.

As a soldier, she tends to dress in mens' clothes, generally sandals, a man's kilt, and a chest wrap to keep her breasts bound, as they are too large for her to comfortably go bare-chested in a profession that involves a lot of physical activity. When not at work, she cleans up rather nicely, and tends to wear a lot of sheer, light-weight robes and sarongs, and decorates herself with many necklaces, anklets, and bracelets, and sometimes red facial paint in intricate designs around her eyes and forehead.

Friendly and outgoing, Faris can strike up a conversation with almost anyone, whether they want it or not. Though she's a soldier, and though her work often involves dealing with the shady dregs of society, so far, she hasn't let that color her optimism and strives to see the best in people, even when they're at their worst.

However, that said, Faris is a paladin at heart, driven by a strong sense of justice and law. She is a believer in blind justice--that is, objectivity and neutrality without favoritism--and strives to achieve that as best as she can. So even if she can see that someone is breaking the law for a valid reason, and that they're not necessarily a bad person, the reason doesn't matter because the law is still being broken, and the law is there for all people to follow. To make an exception would be to show favoritism.

A woman in a man's profession, Faris didn't get there by being soft. She has a strong backbone, and is the sort of person to take insult with a smile, and to twist it into something good--because she finds that not taking the bait aggravates people more than devolving into a yelling/punching match. She is also the sort of person who can insult others with a smile, without the other person even realizing they've been insulted. Just because she tries to be a good person doesn't mean she always is.

She loves good food and good drink, and though she tries to be good, alcohol is her weakness. She tries to avoid it nowadays, because once she starts she finds it hard to stop--and she can be an aggressive, rowdy drunk, likely because she spends so much of her sober life trying to be virtuous--and definitely not always succeeding.

Though Faris is a friendly, jovial person, she is brutal in a fight--which can come as quite the surprise to those unfamiliar with her. She's a very confident woman and it shows--and she has good reason to be confident.

Faris is a strong fighter, skilled with a scimitar and katar. She is adept at hand to hand combat, as well.

Faris also has power over air--which at first seemed a useless ability, but which has really come in handy as she learned to harness it. Especially in an area with so much sand.

Parents are alive! Faris has 15 half brothers and sisters, but she is her mother's only child. Her father was wealthy enough to keep six wives, and so she grew up in quite the busy household and was always well cared for and loved.

A red, horned male kaadir serves as her mount, named Karim.

Faris was born to a traditional military family with 15 half brothers and sisters, and 5 aunts (that is, her father's other wives). She is the only child of her biological mother, who was unable to have children after her. Though tradition was that the sons would carry on the family's military tradition, as Faris grew, she was enamored by it--and a little jealous that only the boys should be able to do that! Her parents let her, deciding it couldn't hurt, and thinking she'd give up that dream the instant she grew old enough to enlist and see for herself that it was less glamorous, and more hard work, than she may have believed.

They were wrong. But she's done them proud.

That doesn't mean her family still doesn't expect her to fulfill her other "obligations", as well! Her family is veeery keen on finding her a good husband, preferably one with a military background, and preferably one rich enough to afford multiple wives. However, as one of the younger children, Faris doesn't face quite so much pressure--especially since many of her other siblings have already given her family the grandchildren they were dying for!

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