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Author Topic: Ife Avita; sugar mage and baker  (Read 611 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Ife Avita; sugar mage and baker
« on: August 21, 2014, 03:11:11 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Ife Avita
Moonspear, Serendipity, but she travels a lot.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Ife is a tall young woman with smooth ebony skin, fine-boned features, and a lithe, boyish build--small breasts and slim hips. Her thick hair falls just down to her jaw, and is worn in tight, tiny curls that give it a wild, untamed sort of look. Her hair is aqua blue in color with streaks of soft violet, and her eyes are a piercing yellow.

Her everyday wear usually consists of simple, high-necked peasant dresses (and when not high-necked, she generally wears a shawl to keep her neck covered, in the tradition of Moonspear's people), and she refuses to wear breeches. Connlaothians wear breeches, and besides, it's immodest! When out on a long trip, she compromises by wearing a long tunic, leggings, and boots for ease of travel.

When working, she can usually be found wearing an apron, and probably covered in flour.

A bit on the prim and proper side, but with a lust for adventure! At least, the safe sort of adventure, like traveling to different cities and nations to learn about new sorts of desserts and sweets. The sort of adventure where you don't get dirty (because she hates that!) and still get to sleep in a bed. Ife has lived a safe, quiet life, and can be a bit naive and sheltered as a result, and thus doesn't often realize something is as dangerous as it is.

Ife is cheerful, social, curious, and lighthearted. She loves fashion and craves the finer things in life, but can't afford more than cheap knock-offs. She is also a shameless flirt, and hopes to one day snag herself a rich noble! Unlikely as that is.

Though Ife deals with sweets day in and day out, she actually hates sweets! Probably because she's around it so much she grew sick of it. However, she loves making food for other people, because she loves sharing food and finds it really gratifying to make other people treats they can enjoy!

She has big dreams to one day serve in some noble house--maybe even the queen's castle!--as head baker.

Sugar magic! At least, that's what she calls it. She has the ability to instill the sweets she creates with various effects. For example, she could bake a pie that will give whoever eats it pleasant memories, or a cake that will give whoever consumes it pleasant dreams.

On the flip side, this can also be used for ill effects. Like, a treat that will give someone nightmares, or put them to sleep (which could be used for good, if someone has difficulty sleeping! But used non-consensually? Ick). Or desserts that act like love potions. Ife gets requests for those now and then, but refuses to create them.

Ife is honestly not aware of just how powerful, and potent, her magic has the potential to be--or that, in the wrong hands, it could be used for terrible, terrible things.

That said, Ife doesn't know the first thing about fighting. |: She's a squishy mage and hates violence.

Parents are still alive and well! Ife helps run their bakery out of their modest home--when she's around, that is, and not traveling.

Born to a peasant family of bakers and kitchen witches, Ife has always had a natural talent for it--which also stems from her magic.

Ife knows she's talented, and she has big dreams--namely, to get hired by some noble house (or maybe even by the Queen herself! Hey, if she's gonna dream, she's gonna dream REAL big!). And so she's on a mission to travel to various parts of the world to learn about different cuisine, so that she can offer something back home that other bakers can't offer--new, exotic desserts with her own special blend of magic! (Or something like that.)

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