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Author Topic: Yiroa Ruan; Maharani  (Read 631 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Yiroa Ruan; Maharani
« on: September 22, 2014, 12:51:19 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Yiroa Ruan
Suna, Thanatos

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Yiroa has bright ice blue eyes, dark brown skin, and a shapely figure with a modest bust and rounded hips. She's kept fit through the years, with obvious muscle packing her body due to a rigorous training regimen that she keeps up to this day, out of both habit and discipline--though she carries a little extra around her middle nowadays, which annoys her to no end. Many call her pretty, but in a severe sort of way, with a certain sharpness to her features and the angles of her face. It gives her a rather fierce look. An old, puckered scar slashes across her right cheek, only adding to that look.

She looks young for her age, and rumor has it that her frequent visits to Flesh-Sculptors is behind her youth. Despite her young appearance, the thick streaks of silver in her blonde hair hint at her age, but she wears them with pride, because she likes the way it looks. She keeps her hair shoulder length and generally wears it tied up and out of the way.

She has made a canvas of her body, covering her arms, back, and chest in elaborate, colorful designs.

Clothing-wise, she prefers a utilitarian style over elegance. In formal situations, she often dons the robes and armor of her Khan days, but in casual situations, can often simply be found in comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.

Yiroa is notorious for being a hardass. She's disciplined from years serving in the Temple and working her way up through the ranks, and from her time serving as a Khan, and she expects discipline from those she commands. She's confident, no nonsense, and can come across as humorless to those she's not close to, and she's totally fine with being perceived this way!

She is also known for being a perfectionist, and for having some eccentricities related to her perfectionism. This her servants know quite well, as she has a thing for cleanliness, and has very high standards.

All that said, her eye for detail and understanding of people has made her a good leader over the years, for though tough, she's fair and has a strong sense of justice. She also has a strong faith and deep belief in Inima.

She is an entropymancer, and has a great deal of skill over the ability. However, the part of her ability that affects luck is a more passive ability--she has no control over that, she is just...sort of naturally lucky! Which probably has a lot to do with her various successes over the years.

Has three children, two sons and a daughter. Fang Ruan is the youngest. She also has four husbands.

Yiroa was born into the Temple caste, and has served in many areas of it. She married her first husband young, at 17, and though it was an arranged marriage she grew to love him. The three marriages that followed over the years were not arranged--except by herself and her partners, that is!

She began as a scholar, but decided that while cloistering herself in the temples gave her a lot of knowledge, it didn't give her much wisdom, and she wanted to serve the people more effectively. Thus, she became a Warrior and gradually worked her way up through the ranks, eventually rising to Khan after becoming something of a hero after leading her group to victory against a vicious bandit raid.

It was the first of many such victories, and she was known for being vicious in battle, but not merciless. She spared lives where she could, preferring to choose the route that preserved as much life as possible, and avoided senseless violence. She only paused in her service during her three pregnancies, and even then she continued to do lighter work in the Temple until she had to go on bed rest. But she returned to work several months after giving birth each time, leaving her children in the care of her husbands and wet nurses.

She served as Khan right up until she was elected to Maharani after the last one retired.

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