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Author Topic: Delwyn Byrne; nobleman  (Read 582 times)

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Delwyn Byrne; nobleman
« on: September 24, 2014, 02:43:12 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Delwyn Byrne
Lord of House Byrne
Uthlyn, Connlaoth

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Delwyn is tall and well-built, with fair skin that normally sports a golden tan from a lot of time spent outdoors, with a light dusting of freckles over his nose. His hair is a dirty blond in color, worn in a slightly messy Caesar haircut, and his eyes are a dark green. He usually sports a little scruff on his chin, but shaves frequently because, stylish or not, he finds facial hair itchy.

Young and lean, with a strong build from years in the military and continued military drills, he is often viewed by others as attractive, if not in a hyper-masculine sense.

He prefers a utilitarian style of dress over fancy stuff, even though he can afford it. Generally, he can be found wearing breeches, boots, and a leather jerkin over a simple, high-collared undershirt. His clothing often incorporates decorative leather buckles, and fur in the cooler seasons.

Outgoing and confident, Delwyn has a bit of a reputation for being a bit of a playboy. His time in the service saw him sneaking many a serving maid to his tent, as well as fellow soldiers. Indeed, his younger years were pretty wild, though he's calmed down more in recent years as the responsibilities of running his House have settled on his shoulders and not given him much time for frivolity. Still, the reputation remains, and it's not altogether unfounded--he's been known to take advantage of Uthlyn's brothels.

Older now, and with more responsibility, one such responsibility is toward his family line--to marry another noblewoman and produce an heir. Truthfully, a lot of his philandering is born from...putting that off, as long as he can. He's not fond of many of the available noble ladies, finding them too dull and high-maintenance and not having much in common with them. So the last thing he really wants is to get stuck with one of them for the rest of his life! He may not be picky about who he sleeps with, but he's picky about who he marries, and who he loves.

Delwyn prefers the simple pleasures. He isn't much for all the pomp and ceremony of his noble station (though that's not to say he doesn't enjoy the finer food and better beds!), and is perfectly at home in a commoner's tavern, gambling and shooting the shit. He has a laid back sense of humor, and can be rather rough and tumble--sometimes, people underestimate him because he's a nobleman, but he can fist-fight with the best of them. His time in the service gave him a keen understanding of people, and a great deal of empathy. He doesn't disparage lower class people--because he worked alongside them, and gained many friends from stations lower than his. He has an easy time relating to people, and has the uncanny ability to strike up a conversation with almost anyone.

He is a follower of Ansgarism, with a strong faith in it. When it comes to the issues of mages, he believes magic is wrong and dangerous and that its practice should be punished, but believes in being sympathetic and just toward mages, since they didn't choose to be born that way.

Delwyn is a fire mage--but has managed to keep this to himself. There have been instances of magecraft in his family tree, but those individuals were disowned and stripped of title. Delwyn is terrified of being discovered, and does everything in his power to keep it under wraps.

He is an accomplished swordsman, a good shot with a crossbow, and proficient at hand-to-hand combat.

His mother is still living, and he has an older sister. Has many friends from his time in the military, and is "friendly" with many of the local tavern maids.

Delwyn was born into a loving family, with an older sister. When he was old enough to serve, he enlisted in the military. His family has always been a military one, with the belief that their sons should serve as soon as they are old enough, to learn discipline, respect, humility--and to learn how to manage people.

Though there were rough patches, and one near-death experience after protecting a friend, Delwyn loved it, and became quite close to his comrades. It was during this time that he gained his playboy reputation, as he had many a one-night stand, and one notable affair with a friend, which they both thought was secret, but which everyone knew about--and politely refrained from commenting on. However, he also gained a reputation for being loyal, hard-working, and self-sacrificing.

When he was 25 and his father perished from flu, Delwyn reluctantly returned home to take over the House, and assume responsibility as the new Lord of House Byrne.

When it comes to the current civil war, Delwyn has remained neutral. While he happily supplies soldiers from his family's army to the effort, out of fealty to the Grand Duke, he hasn't really offered up his own opinion on the matter.

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