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Author Topic: Quinn Freyna; demon hunter  (Read 484 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Quinn Freyna; demon hunter
« on: September 28, 2014, 12:15:52 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Quinn Freyna
Demon hunter/member of the Order of the Moon/lesser nobility
Moonspear, Serendipity, but travels.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Quinn is built slender but strong, with toned, hard muscle and little body fat, and fair skin that tans golden in the sun. Their hair is a bright, fiery red, with streaks of black running through it. They wear it long, past their shoulders, and usually pulled up and out of the way into a loose ponytail with their bangs framing the sides of their face, down to their jaw. Their eyes are a bright green. Serenian through and through, Quinn has delicate features and androgynous looks and could be called rather attractive--if it weren't for the old scars crossing over their nose and onto their right cheek, looking like an animal clawed them across the face.

Quinn tends to dress in high-collared shirts, in the fashion of those of their Order, worn beneath a leather jerkin. They wear leather bracers on their arms, and prefer form-fitting breeches that don't hinder their movement. Around their neck they wear a collar, usually hidden by their shirt, from which dangles an assortment of religious charms and wards against demons and other supernatural entities. Their bracers are also engraved with such symbols.

They wear special rings on the index fingers of both hands--rings that have a little blade tucked into them, that pop out when one of gems on them is pressed.

Their weapon of choice is a chain scythe, which they wear sheathed along their back.

Though Quinn prefers neutral pronouns (they/them/their/they're/themself), they don't really care what other people choose to call them, whether people refer to them as a man or as a woman. They'll correct the people they're close to, but as for a random innkeeper at a place they're staying at overnight? They couldn't be arsed to care.

Quinn is adventurous, foul-mouthed, and rough and tumble! They love their work, and get a rise out of the danger--and they're quite good at what they do, having been at it since they were born into the Order. However, they can be a little too all work, no play. Because they love their work, they take it very seriously, and can sometimes forget to kick back and relax and do other things with their life!

That said, Quinn is quite passionate, and though their work is dangerous, it is a combination of enjoying the heroics, and fascination with the creatures they hunt, that keeps them going. They can be a bit of a lone wolf, as they spend a lot of time tracking their quarry, and as a result, they can be pretty socially awkward when around other people, forgetting what is and what isn't an appropriate conversation topic.

Quinn is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and even more proficient with their chain scythe--a large, scythe-like weapon attached to a long chain that bears a heavy weight at the end. An enchanted weapon, Quinn can control the weapon with their magic--which is primal blood magic. Quinn likes to keep that a secret, as they're afraid their Order wouldn't look fondly upon magic like that, since it is associated with the vampires and demons they hunt.

That said, they are quite skilled at blood magic, though they prefer not to use it when they don't have to. It's dangerous, because it could cause them to bleed out if they're not careful--and, especially in Serendipity, it has dark associations.

Other members of the Order of the Moon. Quinn's parents are still alive and active in the Order, as well. Their family is lesser nobility, in name more than anything.

To come later!

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