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Author Topic: Riyarin; kirin  (Read 598 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Riyarin; kirin
« on: September 29, 2014, 03:01:21 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
In her humanoid form, Riyarin is slender, long-limbed, and graceful, with small breasts and slim hips. Her skin is smooth and copper-colored. Her eyes are almond-shaped, slightly tilted, and bright, like liquid gold, with thick, dark lashes surrounding them and giving them a feral look. Her lips are dark and full. Her hair is a fiery red and very long and wild, reaching the ground in a thick, tangled mess.

Rather than a human's rounded ears, she had long, horse-like ears that are covered in tiny emerald scales. In fact, those same green scales appear in tiny patches on her body, such as beneath her eyes and on her chin. The tiny scales continue down the back of her neck, over her shoulders, down her back, over her bottom, and down the front of her thighs.

Further marking her as distinctly "not human" are the large, elegant antlers growing from her head and curling backwards. She also possesses a tail, long and whip-like and covered in green scales. A plume of red hair decorates her tail.

Her body, for the most part, is human enough, but her human legs taper off into more deer-like legs past the knee. She has delicate cloven hooves surrounded by thick red fur, much like a draft horse.

In her true form, she takes the shape of a delicate, deer-like beast covered in brilliant green scales, with a face caught somewhere between deer-like and dragon-like. She has a thick mane of wild red hair that falls down to dust the ground, and that same plumed, scaly tail. Her teeth are sharp, even though she does not eat flesh.

Riyarin does not often wear clothes, which can be awkward for those she meets. She spends most of her time in her true form, and doesn't need clothes for that, after all!

Riyarin is painfully honest. In fact, she can't lie. Even if she knew how, she is not physically capable. She also has the annoying ability to tell when other people are lying, and is quite blunt about pointing it out when it happens. She lacks the social graces of knowing when that is and isn't appropriate--in her opinion, the truth is always appropriate!

She is a quiet creature, and a little shy and elusive, and can take time to warm up to a person. She can sense the goodness or darkness inside a person--but that doesn't mean she can always sense motive. A good person might hunt her, after all, and she wouldn't be able to sense that they meant her harm. This makes her a little wary and cautious.

Though normally a gentle creature, she can become quite fierce when it comes to the defense of an innocent's life--or her own life. And while she refuses to eat flesh, she will not hesitate to kill someone in the defense of her life or the life of another, nor will she intervene if someone she judges as "wicked" falls into a life or death situation.

In the rare social situation, Riyarin is...painfully blunt and upfront. She has no filter, and just says things as they come to her. She also lacks a lot of understanding of humanity, due to keeping to herself much of the time. She's curious about people, but can be a bit off-putting, because she has a tendency to stare since she doesn't understand that it's rude and uncomfortable, and other such "bad" habits, like being overly touchy since she's a tactile person. She also has no sense of modesty. What she knows of humans, she has learned from the odd traveler that has come through her neck of the jungle through the years.

That said, Riyarin is painfully lonely. The other kirin have moved on to their own jungles, leaving her to guard and protect hers. Which is all well and good, except it feels like something is lacking from her life.

-She can sense goodness and darkness in a person.
-She cannot lie, and can tell when others are lying. (Of course, if a person is clever, they can get around this. Omitting the truth is not lying, for example.)
-She has power over fire, and can breathe fire, as well, even in human form.
-She is invulnerable to fire; in fact, fire heals her.



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