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Author Topic: Jayari; horse maiden  (Read 731 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Jayari; horse maiden
« on: December 19, 2014, 03:17:54 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Heir to the Banyur tribe
Serha Plains, near the Terrin Mountains

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Jayari has brown skin, straight black hair, and dark brown, almond-shaped eyes. She tends to wear her hair long, down to her waist, often done up into a multitude of braids decorated with colorful beads and thread.

She bears the tattoos of her tribe and social status that mark her as royalty: several black dots beneath her eyes, following the shape of her eye with a dot ending at both corners, with three black tattoos striping down her chin, starting just beneath her bottom lip. A stylized horse, outlined in black ink, covers her right shoulder, stretching onto her clavicle and back. Her ears are pierced, the lobes slightly stretched and plugged with smooth bone discs. Her septum and nipples are also pierced.

She has a slim but athletic build, slightly boyish in shape with small breasts and hips. She tends to wear clothes made of animal skins--usually goat or deer--trimmed with fur like rabbit or marmot. Her pants and shirts tend to be decorated with colorful embroidery and beading, done in geometric designs.

Adventurous and rough and tumble! Jayari has always loved to explore, and spends much of her time on her horse. She's a bit of a dare-devil and loves competition and never backs down from a dare, no matter what it is. (It's a pride issue.)

She's outgoing and friendly, the sort of person who can strike up conversation with pretty much everyone. She's always been an extrovert, and is often the person in the group dragging her friends off to do something silly and potentially dangerous.

She's not prudish in the least. There isn't much by way of privacy among her tribe's camps, and nudity is not stigmatized, so it's just not something she gives much thought. She's very flirtatious with those she likes, and teases those people the most mercilessly.

She doesn't have much of a temper, because she tends to get her aggression out through activity. When angry though, she tends to burn cold, rather than lashing out and biting peoples' heads off. Her anger is more of a calm, scary thing, and she tries very hard to keep her head and think things through rationally.

...Until she can go whip someone's butt in a sparring match.

She's fierce in battle, and fiercely competitive. She likes winning--and does a lot of it. Despite her success, she's managed to keep an even head about it, because humility was drilled into her head early on. Go into battle cocky and you'll make mistakes, after all.

She can be a bit xenophobic, as she was taught caution and wariness of outsiders from a young age, considering the Duhjari's bad relationship with Adela.

A great shot with a bow, and fierce in hand-to-hand combat. She's stronger than she looks, and when paired against a bigger, stronger opponent, makes up for size and strength with speed, agility, and cleverness. Many of her attacks target pressure points.

Fluent in Duhjari and several of its dialects, from interactions with other tribes. Can't speak a lick of Common.

Her father, Aharu, is alive and well and the leader of their tribe. Their particular bloodline has been leading for generations.

Her birth mother died in labor, but she was raised by her father's two other wives. She also has three half-siblings, all sisters. There was a brother at one point, but he died from illness as a toddler. Jayari is the oldest child.

Uncle, Sita. She only knew him as a child, but adored him.

Has a horse, a strong, stocky mare named Zala.

Jayari was born on the Serha plains closest to the Terrin mountains, though her birth sadly killed her mother. She was brought up by her father, Aharu's, other wives, however, and knew them as her mothers. Her father, Aharu, is the leader of the Banyur, a tribe of the Duhjari people. The Banyur are a group of several hundred people.

Everyone in her tribe is taught to ride, practically before they learn to walk. And though her tribe is patriarchal, everyone, women included, are trained in combat to better defend the group. From a young age, Jayari was a natural at both, and loved both, and often joined her father on his hunts. As Aharu's firstborn, she also turned out to be his favorite child, though he would never ever admit that.

As the oldest, with no boys alive to inherit, Jayari is next in line to lead. While her father is confident she'll be a competent leader when he passes on, he wants only the best for her--and the best for their tribe, since whoever she marries will lead beside her.

Thus, as she came of age, he claimed that only the one who defeated her in battle could have her, to ensure her partner is as strong as she is. None who have tried have succeeded. Jayari finds the whole thing rather annoying.

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