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Author Topic: Tanith; literal dragon lady  (Read 564 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Tanith; literal dragon lady
« on: December 23, 2014, 11:36:47 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
About 27, by human standards. Real age? Several hundred years.
6'1" in human form
She does what she wants. |:

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
In human form, Tanith is built tall, strong, and long limbed, with defined muscles earned through a lot of hard work and fighting. She has rounded hips and a modestly sized bust, but generally keeps both hidden beneath over-sized clothes (usually breeches and a tunic) or the scale mail she wears in combat situations.

She has olive skin and straight silver hair, generally pulled back into a simple braid. Her eyes are also silver in color, and her lips are full and red. Large horns grow from her skull, dark blue and curling like a ram's. She has pointed, elf-like ears and teeth that are unnaturally sharp with elongated incisors. Her nails grow black and sharp, thicker than a human's.

In dragon form, Tanith is a good 50 feet long with an impressive wingspan and large, blue curling horns. She is silver in color, with a long, graceful neck and powerful, whip-like tail.

Tanith gives no fucks. Tanith does what Tanith wants to do, and god help anyone who stands in her way.

Basically, Tanith is used to the ways of dragons. She is used to solving her problems through fighting and dominance displays, which...makes things awkward in human society, since she thinks with her fists before she thinks with her brain. She lacks tact and social grace, saying whatever is on her mind, no matter how inappropriate. If there was one thing she picked up on fast, and delights in, it's human swearing, which she really gets a kick out of.

In general, she finds humans odd. So many rules, when things could be so much simpler! So much prudery! And often, she breaks these rules not because she doesn't know them, but because she thinks they're stupid.

A proud individual, Tanith believes she's better than other people. Of course she is! She's a dragon, and dragons are better than humans! That said, she's a loyal person, and fiercely protective of those she views as hers. She would willingly lay down her life for them--but not before taking several lives with her, of course!

Shape-shifting. Tanith can shift back and forth between human and dragon forms.

Elemental magic. Tanith has power over air.

Also, she's a brute in a fight! She can punch like a beast and throw down with the best of them--and delights in doing so. She can use a sword, and has become fairly proficient in its use over the time she's been living among humans.


Tanith was always fascinated by people. And life among dragons was good and all, but she was interested in seeing the rest of the world. Thus, she's been living among humans for quite some time now, and enjoys breaking every rule.

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