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Author Topic: Tikaani; selkie  (Read 284 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Tikaani; selkie
« on: December 26, 2014, 01:38:14 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
What's that?

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Tikaani is built like a swimmer, muscular and slender, if a bit on the busty side. Her skin is a rich, dark umber in color and her eyes are large and such a dark shade of brown that they appear black, framed by thick, long eyelashes. Her hair is also black and worn long and straight, cascading down her back to her hips in a wild mess.

Thick white bands cover her skin in various places, looking like tattoos--though, in truth, they are just natural markings on her skin. The most noticeable one is the white band that circles her neck, though more circle her shoulders and onto her back, and around her hips. In truth, these marks mimic the patterns on her seal skin.

She tends to dress in layers of thick furs.

In reality, Tikaani is a selkie, and her true form is that of a ribbon seal. She guards her skin with her life, and is never far from it.

Bubbly, curious, excitable, and friendly! However, she is rather naive about the world beyond the sea, and rather gullible about matters. She's the sort that is far too trusting, and will thus believe outlandish things because...why would someone lie? It's not in her nature (she's quite honest!) and so she expects others are, too.

Though she's very friendly and curious, she's also rather shy--at first. She can be a little slow to warm, just because she's a little socially awkward and insecure and afraid of making a fool of herself in unfamiliar settings! But once she opens up, she opens up.

If she wears her skin, she can turn back into a seal.

If someone steals her skin, she becomes bound to them and cannot return to the sea.

She's a strong swimmer in both forms.

Naqut - her polar bear mount. 8D When Tikaani was younger, she found a cub whose mother and siblings had been killed, and she went about raising him, bringing him fish and keeping him safe. He grew up into a massive adult, but their bond did not lessen.

Tikaani always loved mingling with people, and was always curious of their world. Like many of the selkies in her clan, she would sometimes shed her skin and walk as a human, learning more about their world and even making friends among them.

That all changed the day someone stole her peoples' skins.

The one day Tikaani didn't join her people, not feeling up to the festivities that day, was the day someone found the place in the cliffs where her people hid their skins when they went into the village.

And her people were taken from her in one fell swoop, bound to those who held their skins and unable to return to the sea.

Tikaani doesn't know whatever became of them. They never came home, and by the time she went to the village to find them, they were gone.

Shaken, Tikaani fled the area with Naqut. She has been living as a human woman in human society ever since, keeping her seal skin hidden away, and only taking it out and dipping into the sea on late nights when she's alone. She spends much of her time traveling, hoping to one day find her stolen people.

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