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Author Topic: Juniper; Shadow Wolf and Kidnapper  (Read 592 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Juniper; Shadow Wolf and Kidnapper
« on: January 07, 2015, 02:28:40 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Human/Changeling (in her case, she was the human child taken away to the fae world)
Shadow Wolf/Kidnapper
Arca, Serendipity

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Juniper has pale, alabaster skin dusted with freckles all along her nose and shoulders. She keeps her hair, which is a dark purple in color, cropped short, and dulls it with soot when out on a job. Her eyes are an intense indigo in color, and seem to glow slightly, which can give her a somewhat unsettling look. It is her eyes that mark her as not quiiite of this world.

She has a strong build, slim, athletic, limber, and somewhat boyish, perfect for sneaking around performing and acrobatics.

Juniper is cold and aloof and, by far, not the most sociable individual. She's also not very emotive; she's eerily quiet and deadpan. She tends to prefer to keep to herself--both because she feels awkward in human society, but also because people annoy her. She's a loner through and through, which made her perfect for the Shadow Wolves, as much of it involves silence and stealth, two things she is very, very good at.

Though human, Juniper doesn't really feel human. She's stuck between worlds, not really a part of either, but was raised among fae for most of her life. As such, she has their superiority complex, and tends to see humans as naturally lesser. (Changelings like her, of course, are exempt from this view!)

Powerful glamour magic, granted to her by the fae to use. Though Juniper cannot make people see things that aren't there (she can't create some fantastical illusion of monsters that aren't actually there), she can make people not see things that are there (as in, she can use it to hide in plain sight). She uses this liberally when on stealth missions.

She also has the ability to see through glamours.

She is also a powerful and vicious fighter who often uses feral and unorthodox means of taking people out. Like, for example, tearing someone's throat out with her teeth. |:

Juniper doesn't know who her human family is.

She doesn't even have an adoptive family in the traditional sense--no one to call "mother" or "father". She was raised by the fae folk, and had many different caretakers over the course of her childhood.

She doesn't really talk about this. |: Get to know her, and maybe it'll come up. However, she was taken by the fae as a child and raised by them. She doesn't know her real name, or who her real family was. She was named Juniper by the fae, because her hair and eyes reminded them of juniper berries.

She works for the Soot Wolves now, working as a Shadow Wolf, as it's a job that suits her. It's also a job that lets her do her other job.

Which is kidnapping strong infants and young children and taking them to the fae realm.

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