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Author Topic: Durga; half-orc adventurer!  (Read 507 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Durga; half-orc adventurer!
« on: April 08, 2015, 06:36:18 PM »
Drawn by me! 8D

__________________QUICK STATS
Half-orc (human/orc)
The open road!

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Durga has a powerful, beefy build, lean with little body fat. She is no dainty flower; she packs on muscle easily and has thick arms and legs rippling with power and washboard abs that she's quite proud of. She has a strong jaw, a bit of a snub nose, fierce eyebrows, and an expression that looks perpetually surly. That is partially true, and partially just the natural structure of her face. Another notable feature is her slight underbite and the thick tusks that grow from her bottom jaw and poke out over her lips.

Her skin is a dark olive in color, with little freckles all over, especially her nose and cheeks. Her eyes are a startlingly bright green, and her hair is a flaming red in color, thick and fluffy and falling down to her hips. Her ears are slightly pointed.

She tends to dress in sturdy clothing, generally breeches, tunic, jerkin, and sturdy boots. She also sports thick leather gloves, the better to punch people.

Durga can best be described as rough around the edges.

Sandpaper rough.

She's rather surly and cranky and defensive, because she's used to people rejecting her and trying to start fights with her. She's used to being hated on sight, used to prejudice and discrimination--and so she goes through life preemptively prepared to defend herself. Once one gets past the rocky surface, however, they'll find a gal that loves to have a good time drinking, joking, and roughhousing. (Though few beat her in a wrestling match, and she's kind of afraid of sparring with humans because they're so squishy and delicate. D8)

She's not a very refined person. She's simple, and likes the simple things in life, like good beer and coarse jokes and a good fist fight with someone's whose head she won't smash. Though she can be very aggressive and tough as hell, she goes through life feeling like a bull in a china shop, because she has an annoying habit of breaking things without trying. |:

And though she gives off a very "devil may care" attitude, even affecting arrogance and acting like she believes herself better than everyone else, it's more a coping mechanism for all the rejection she's experienced. Deep down inside, she desperately craves acceptance.

Durga is also very much haunted by (and hurt by) peoples' belief that she has evil inside her because she came from an evil beast and an evil union. She doesn't know the truth of her conception, and her parents don't, either. But she has had enough hurtful insults slung at her to guess, and to worry. She desperately doesn't want to be evil, and she's terrified that maybe, one day, she'll become the monster so many people see when they look at her.

As a result, she is trying hard to prove that she's "good" and helps others as much as she can. She's essentially on a journey of redemption--even though she's never done anything wrong.


Not many people! She is on great terms with her adoptive family, but they are really the only people who have accepted her. Humans don't tend to like her because she's half orc, and orcs definitely don't like her because she's half human. As a result, she's always had a hard time fitting in anywhere and has gone through life feeling like she doesn't belong. As a result, she has few friends.

Trigger warnings for rape!

Like many half-orcs, Durga's childhood wasn't really a good one. She was a child born from rape, from a male orc and a human woman, and though her mother tried, she couldn't abort the pregnancy. When Durga was born, however, her mother must have felt some affection for her, because she cried when the other humans in her village took Durga from her and left her in the woods to die.

Orcs were evil, after all, and the baby was a monster, an abomination. When it grew up, it would be just as evil as the father and it would turn on those that showed it kindness.

That was what the humans thought.

But the half-elf couple that stumbled upon her just saw a starving, helpless infant that couldn't help being what it was. They took her in, named her, and raised her as their own alongside their own children. Sure, Durga was different. She was aggressive and wickedly strong even as a child, and she grew at an alarming pace. She dwarfed her parents in no time, and things began to become more problematic as she grew--for her tantrums as a child had been awful, but her rage as a teen and young adult was destructive.

Life in her little village wasn't all sunshine and roses. Even many of the more accepting people were uneasy around her, especially as she grew and grew (and destroyed some property). And thus, once she was old enough, her parents encouraged her to travel and find herself and grow, because they knew they couldn't always protect her, and she was starting to feel very stifled with small town life.

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