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Author Topic: Qismat Nejem; merchant prince and unwitting thief!  (Read 506 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Qismat Nejem; merchant prince and unwitting thief!
« on: April 21, 2015, 06:29:39 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Qismat Nejem
Merchant Prince; oversees a textile business.
Essyrn! Along the Niafi Delta

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Qismat has a youthful, healthy appearance since he spends quite a lot on pampering, with smooth ebony skin and dove gray eyes. His hair is black and curly and typically worn in many small braids that fall down to his shoulders. He has a strong, lean build and broad shoulders, with many old, pale scars somewhat ruining his unblemished looks.

He dresses quite lavishly, in brightly colored and richly patterned robes and kilts, accented with jewellery.

Confident to the point of near arrogance, Qismat is exactly who he has to be in order to maintain his position (and in order to have survived on the streets): decisive, intelligent, perceptive, and discerning. And just a bit suspicious. Okay, a lot suspicious--a life lived on the streets fighting for survival does make one pretty paranoid, and he's definitely afraid that he could lose it all, including his life. He is pretty new to the political jungle that is Essyrn, and doesn't tend to do a lot of underhanded maneuvering. He's pretty blunt in his words and actions.

That said, Qismat is friendly for the most part and deeply humanitarian. He has never forgotten his past, and he has a huge soft spot for the poor and downtrodden as a result. He knows what it's like, as he was once an urchin struggling to survive, and even today among all the wealth and opulence he has to deal with his share of ignorant comments about his background.

Qismat has a unique ability, gifted to him by a djinn when he was sixteen--the ability to, essentially, magic anything he can think of into existence. There is a limit, of course, to his ability; he can't magic something the size of a house into being! He can only "create" something he would have the strength to lift and carry--which, yes, can include animals and people.

Little does he know, his magic does come with a hefty price. He's not yet aware that when he uses his gift, he's not actually creating anything. Everything he "creates" already exists in this world--he's literally just stealing it from somewhere.

He had three wishes, and that wish was one of them. Each wish came with a price, and he's not yet aware of the price of this particular one.

Once Qismat acquired the wealth to do so, he bought out a prolific textile business and has gradually expanded to create an empire. He does a lot of trade with Adela, as well.

He didn't really know the first thing about the business when he got into it, and he has been gradually learning. It helps that he had the money to hire people who do know the ins and outs. For the most part, he takes a very backseat approach to his business, making decisions and overseeing things like a king, but not really getting personally involved.

Why did he choose textiles? He figured everyone needs clothing and linens. Seemed like the safest, most reliable business to get into!

He never knew his father, and his mother was an outcast, branded with the symbol for "adulteress". She did what she could for Qismat, and sold herself to make ends meet, but when Qismat was 12, she was murdered by a foreigner.

Today, Qismat remains unmarried, but keeps concubines. He tends to purchase women no one else wants, or women who were in abusive situations. He has also been known to purchase slaves, men and women alike, from the Colosseum, especially those who clearly had no chance at survival.

Little is known about Qismat's past, and he likes to keep it that way! What is known is that he had humble beginnings, born to a poor family and living as a street rat well into his teens. His is a "rags to riches" story, though he is very secretive about how, exactly, he went about that.

Truth be told, Qismat was very, very lucky.

He was born to an "adulteress", and his name was not Qismet back then, but Asha, his mother's only daughter and only child. He loved his mother very much, for she struggled to make ends meet and provide for him, but she was absent for most of his life and he had to grow up fast and learn to fend for himself.

His childhood wasn't an easy one. His mother died when he was 12, murdered by a foreigner she had prostituted herself to, and then he was truly alone but for the pack of street urchins he ran with.

Puberty was hell for him. The female pronouns and female name were difficult before then, but bearable, but when his body began to change, his stress and anxiety shot through the roof. He had always felt different, wearing the pronouns and name, the hairstyles and feminine robes, like ill-fitting clothes that scratched at his skin, but he had never had much time to consider those thoughts and what they meant. It was watching his body change, watching the soft curves form in places that should be flat or straight, that distressed him. It was those changes that truly made him feel other, different from the other boys, and those other boys noticed as they went through their own transitions from boyhood to manhood.

They began to treat him differently, began to exclude him from their games because he was a "girl", began to act odd around him as they stopped viewing him as a friend and equal, and as a romantic pursuit instead. It was frightening, and he tried to hide himself, tried to "fix" himself. He bound his breasts and wore baggy clothing to hide his shape. He cropped his hair short and watched how he walked, how he sat, and changed much of his behavior to be as stereotypically masculine as he could be even when it wasn't who he was, and he felt himself growing more and more lost. It never felt like it was enough, though, and even when he passed to others, there was no hiding it from himself in private.

His upper arms and inner thighs bear the scars that he first began to inflict on himself, his only real outlet for his depression and anxiety. But he was always a survivor, and so he kept pushing forward and surviving.

When he was 16, he was caught and beaten by a rival group of bandits when, out of desperation, he encroached on their territory. His own group had always had a nasty history with them, going back ages, and they were not kind to Qismat's people. They took him far out into the desert, stripped him, mocked him when they saw his body, and left him to die. It was one of the worst things that ever happened to him--

And yet also the best.

Qismat thought he was going to die. He didn't know where he was or how to get back, and he was weak and bruised and dehydrated, and suffering from a concussion. He wandered aimlessly, confused, and it was just when he had given up that a djinn appeared to him. He thought it was a hallucination, a mirage, but the djinn offered him three wishes and he thought, heck, why not?

His first wish was obvious: to save him.

The djinn did that and more.

The djinn not only healed his wounds, but transformed his body, giving him the form Qismat always prayed to see in the mirror. The only stipulation being that he is to grant the djinn his firstborn daughter.

For his second wish, he wished to want for nothing ever again. He does not realize that that, too, came with a cost--that others shall go wanting instead, for every action must have a balance, and something never comes from nothing.

He has not yet used his third wish.

In any case, when he returned to Essyrn, he started anew. He let his friends believe he had died in the desert, and carved out a new identity for himself. Still, many remember Qismat as a true rags to riches story, because he stumbled back to Essyrn with barely a stitch on his back, and yet rose quickly to influence and fortune.

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