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Author Topic: Katxiel; sacrificial priestess  (Read 569 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Katxiel; sacrificial priestess
« on: May 18, 2015, 04:38:32 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
The tiny kingdom of Citalli, deep in the Kishahn Jungle

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Warm brown skin and dark brown hair that reaches her hips, generally worn with a section tied back and away from her face and held in place with a colorful, feathered hairpiece. Katxiel's eyes are a bright blue-green, bluer around the edges and green around the pupil. She has sectoral heterochromia in her left eye, with a splash of red staining the iris, looking much like a blood splatter in water. It is that stain that marks her as a tribute.

She has a slim, athletic build that's more lean and lanky than voluptuous. She likes to wear an assortment of jewellery, including dangling earrings and anklets. She typically dresses in creams, blues, golds, and reds, and prefers light dresses that tie around her neck and end above her knees, usually finished off with a decorative sash.

Optimistic, light-hearted, and a bit spoiled, Katxiel has lived a life of privilege and luxury though she hasn't really let it go to her head. She views the world through a mostly "glass half full" perspective, and she can spin most situations in a positive light. She's a bit on the naive side, having grown up in the temple, protected with all her needs provided for--but she's also not stupid, and has a rather sharp mind.

She quite enjoys her life in the temple, getting pampered and treated as a living goddess, but can sometimes grow a bit frustrated by how overprotective everyone is! Sometimes, she just wants to enjoy a game of hoopball without someone freaking out that she got smacked in the head. She loves keeping active, though she's not very good at sports--primarily because few people actually want to play against her, since they view her as the avatar of their goddess! And those that will humor her always go way, way easy on her and (she suspects) let her win.

That said, she is rather brainwashed. She knows she's fated to die on her 21st birthday, and she's made peace with that--or so she says. She truly believes it's a great honor as well as necessary, and she truly believes that great rewards await her in the afterlife should she fulfill her sacred duty.

Katxiel has power over storms and vegetation, though her gift is such that she cannot create what isn't already there. She can't magic plants out of fertile ground if there aren't already seeds there, and she can't make it rain if there aren't any rain clouds. She can, however, make plants grow faster and stronger, and she can make a small shower turn into a gale.

She has a natural affinity for sensing storms days before they approach, and she can also sense where seeds are even if she can't see them, as well as sense disease in crops even if she can't see any visible signs.

She doesn't know her parents. She was taken from them at a young age, and as the "avatar" of their goddess, she was required to divest herself of familial ties. Her parents, in truth, do visit her at the temple, however. They just never identify themselves as her parents.

Other than that, her friends are mostly other people within the temple.

Katxiel was either born very lucky, or very unlucky, depending on your point of view.

She was born with the mark of Ixtacotl, her peoples' goddess of war, fertility, storms, and harvest, that mark being sectoral heterochromia--a splotch of bright red in the otherwise blue-green iris of her left eye. This mark symbolizes the wound that slayed Ixtacotl's mortal form according to her peoples' faith, for she was said to have died when a spear pierced her eye.

Marked from birth, Katxiel was likewise marked to die, the "blood" in her eye, and the magical gifts that manifested as she grew older, marking her as Ixtacotl's avatar. For it is the belief of her people that every generation, Ixtacotl's avatar will be born, and that the sacrifice of the avatar symbolizes Ixtacotl's own death. It is said that the goddess walked the earth in mortal form for 21 years, bringing her blessings to the earth, before she was slain by her brother--but there was victory even in death as her rich blood soaked and fertilized the earth and her flesh nourished it, and her breath and tears became the clouds and rain, bringing about an era of peace and plenty.

Taken from her parents from birth, Katxiel was raised in the temple and treated like a goddess on earth--and, in fact, people often come to the temple to pay their respects to her and ask her blessing as though she truly is the goddess made flesh. Since childhood, she has reigned over the small kingdom of Citalli as its patron "goddess", using her gifts to bless the land and bring bountiful harvests. It is the will of her people and her religion that she should be honored as a goddess and bless the land with her gifts in life, before her blood soaks the earth and brings about a new era of peace and prosperity.

Peace and prosperity that is sorely needed, as her people face war with another small nation and the soil of their land is leeched of nutrients.

Her 21st birthday is less than a year away now, but Katxiel tries not to think about it, and tries not to look at the altar she will die on. Instead, she tries to think very positively about the matter, and live life to her fullest while she can, and make herself as useful as possible.

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