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Author Topic: Jirou Asami; tattooist/flesh sculptor/reluctant assassin  (Read 596 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

__________________QUICK STATS
Jirou Asami
Tattooist/body piercer/flesh sculptor/assassin
Suna, Thanatos

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Jirou has dark bronze skin and blond hair streaked with white that reaches down to mid-back when it's down--though he normally wears a portion of it pulled back into a loose ponytail, allowing his bangs to hang down and frame his face. He often dyes his hair with bright plant pigments, like pinks and greens and oranges. His eyes are a pale violet in color, and he has a dusting of freckles over his nose. He grows a little facial hair, but not enough to do anything with, so he typically just shaves it off since it only makes him look scruffy.

Jirou had a ton of tattoos! Tattoos cover his arms and back and hands, and even trace over his chest and up his neck. Most depict native tropical plants and wildlife, with several depictions of demons and spirits, as well as some of his favorite sayings written in Thanati script. He also has a lot of piercings--a pierced navel, a small white bone through his septum, eyebrow piercings in his right eyebrow, and one through his tongue.

He dresses casually, usually in colorful sarongs while going shirtless. Often adorns his hair with a colorful headscarf.

Lackadaisical and chill! Jirou is a friendly, goofy dude who genuinely likes people and loves art. Art is his passion, and putting art on peoples' bodies is awesome! Skin is the ultimate canvas!

He likes to see beauty in all things, and really just likes people. He generally has a good thing to say about most people, and often casually flirts with people without even meaning to--flirty is just sort of his natural setting, which can sometimes lead to awkward situations.

However, there is a darker side to him. When working his other job, he can be quite ruthless and vicious in a detached way--for he takes no pleasure from it, and he tries really hard not to think about it and to keep his emotions out of it. He really wants to just run, but is afraid that if he did, he'd be tracked down and dragged back--or killed himself.

He tries to stay cheerful and tries to just...not think about it, and justify the hell out of it to himself.

He's a skilled artist, and a great tattoo artist who is well known enough to make a comfortable living doing what he does! He also does body piercing, and has the ability to flesh sculpt, and thus runs a very profitable business!

His ability to flesh sculpt can also be applied to himself--and he uses that ability when on one of his other jobs. He changes the shape and structure of his face, sometimes even his build, and covers his tattoos with makeup. He's not much of a fighter, but you don't have to be good at fighting to murder someone--you just have to be good at being sneaky and slipping them poison.

Parents are still alive! As are all his siblings! He's single because...well...hi s [i[other[/i] profession doesn't really make for a stable relationship! He doesn't have a great relationship with his family. Like at all. |: They're all scum to him.

Truth be told, Jirou's family is one that goes far back--they run a drug ring and are a big provider in Thanatos, and notoriously ruthless. Jirou never wanted to be a part of the business, but because of his skill, his ability to change how he looked, he was sort of manipulated and pressured and threatened into it as he was viewed as a valuable asset. And since he's seen what his family can do to other people, WELP! He didn't trust that they wouldn't do that to him. Besides, the people he goes after, they're bad people, right?

The primary targets are competitors, or anyone who would try to shut them down--or poke around where they shouldn't be poking.

Really, all he wanted to do was be a goddamned artist. |: And he is, when he's not doing his family's dirty work.

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