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Author Topic: Aderyn Klaussa; swan maiden  (Read 599 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Aderyn Klaussa; swan maiden
« on: June 04, 2015, 02:56:14 PM »
Art by me! 8D

__________________QUICK STATS
Aderyn Klaussa
Cursed human/swan maiden
Arca, Serendipity

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Aderyn has warm copper skin and long, wavy black hair that falls to her waist--and that has many soft black feathers growing naturally in it. She tends to wear it loose and wild when she's not dancing, and often weaves wildflowers into the strands. Her eyes are large, almond-shaped, and hazel in color, leaning more toward green with gold around the pupil. She has a heart-shaped face and full lips with dimples when she smiles. She has slender build, athletic and powerful and flexible, with very little body fat. She carries herself gracefully.

She tends to dress in white, usually flowing dresses, though she normally goes barefoot except when performing.

Rather innocent and naive, for she doesn't have much experience with the world outside the theatre, and she is a little brainwashed to view the sorceress and her staff as her savior. After all, she bought her from the slave block and gave her a new lease on life--helped her fulfill her dream, even! Yet deep down, a part of her knows it's all wrong and that the cost is terrible. It's just all she's known since she was 11, and she doesn't know where else to turn, though she misses her family dearly and misses having...a life. She always wanted to dance, but she never wanted that to be her entire existence.

She trusts people a bit too openly, assuming the best of people naturally and taking them at their word. She tries to be a good person, too, to the best of her ability. She's rather bubbly and optimistic, with a tendency to babble excitedly about topics she's passionate about--and she has the uncanny ability to strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. She's ambitious and hard-working and exuberant, with a seemingly endless amount of energy that her friends sometimes find exhausting. She's also a little immature, easily embarrassed by "adult talk".

She genuinely does enjoy performing, for it's where she truly feels alive, and it's a wonderful feeling to have so many people watching her and applauding her. She's a dreamer and often wonders about the world outside the theatre, and loves hearing stories from the other members of her troupe.

Aderyn's ability is a passive one; by day, she lives as a black swan from sunup to sunset, and by night, she takes human form again. It is a curse inflicted upon her, rather than an ability she can control. However, while in human form, she does have the ability to "let out" her wings. In her case, her wings spread out from her arms, rather than growing separately from her back.

Another part of her curse is that she can not speak of her curse.

She's a skilled dancer and trains religiously. She's by no means the best, but she's good at what she does, too.

Hasn't seen her family since she was 11! But hopes they are alive and well. D8

Mistress Evangeline - the sorceress that imprisoned and cursed her. Aderyn views her as a maternal figure, almost, and highly respects her! She fears disappointing her, and would do anything to make her happy and proud.

Other than that, she is friends with the other performers in her theatre group!

Aderyn was born into a noble family. Her life was good, with little drama, and she always loved dancing and had a deep interest in it. She was a natural, though her parents discouraged her from it since they didn't think anything beyond ballroom was very...proper for a girl of her station. She was encouraged to pursue more ladylike interests. After all, she was betrothed to marry into an even wealthier noble house when she came of age, and while that excited her, she wondered why she couldn't do both!

She wished she could be a dancer like she'd seen in the theatres, and she practiced in secret.

And one day, she got her wish.

She was stolen away when she was 11 by an assassin and taken to Serendipity. As it turned out, another rival noble house also had a daughter that had almost been picked for the betrothal, and they were pretty damned butthurt that she'd gotten passed up in favor of Aderyn. So, the girl's father hired a killer to remove Aderyn from the picture and ensure she had an "accident". Rather than kill the girl, though (who was far younger than he'd expected!), he instead passed the responsibility off. He sold her to a slaver, Gwendolyn, on their way to Serendipity and washed his hands of the issue.

In Serendipity, Aderyn was discovered by a sorceress who ran a theatre, who often visited the slave block scouting for folks (male and female alike) that looked promising.  After all, having actors and dancers she didn't have to pay a wage made for a very profitable theatre business! Aderyn was juuust young enough to train (just on the cusp of being too old) and had the right body type and a little experience, so she bought her--

And thus Aderyn became part of a strange theatre troupe.

Like all the other members of the troupe, Aderyn was placed under a powerful curse the woman used to keep her people under control and obedient. By day, they take the form of swans and live in the lake behind the theatre. By night, they transform back to human form. They tend to spend their nights either performing or training and get very little time to themselves--generally only a couple days a week, for even the sorceress and her lackeys know it's important not to overwork them to injury. In addition to performing for the theatre, they have also been known to be sold for a night to customers who pay an especially fat fee.

Thus, Aderyn got her wish, to be a dancer. But at an awful cost. For though she can fly, she can't really leave--all of them are afraid to try, for they are watched by the sorceress's workers, and also fear that even if they fly away, they could be hunted. And where would they go?

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