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Author Topic: Kuvira Stone; slave  (Read 350 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Kuvira Stone; slave
« on: July 27, 2015, 03:28:51 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Kuvira Stone
Wherever her master is.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Kuvira has deep brown skin dusted with freckles--like, freckles everywhere! More than you could count! Her hair is thick and slightly curly, and it's kept long, falling down her back in countless tiny, tiny braids. Her hair is primarily dark brown but is streaked with shocks of red from her Adelan mother. Her eyes are a soft green.

Kuvira is a rather pretty woman with soft features and soft curves, with a narrow waist, rounded hips, and impressive bust, the left nipple of which is pierced. She doesn't look like she's ever held a weapon in all her life and her hands are the soft hands of someone who hasn't seen hard labor in years. Her navel is pierced, and she usually wears some sort of sparkly, dangly jewellery from it. Her ears are also pierced, and her nose, and she often wears an ear-to-nose chain.

She generally wears soft, sheer clothes, and veil when out in public, along with whatever jewellery her master has gifted her.

Strong, confident, and cunning.

Kuvira knows how to work the system, and she's grown quite comfortable in her role. She's a fantastic actress and knows how to play her master, and has played each one that has owned her like a fiddle over the years. It's how she's been able to survive and not fall apart.

She comes across as a sweet and obedient slave, and that is how she prefers people to see her. Submissive. Coy. Dutiful. Speaking only when spoken to. Yet also intelligent, graceful, socially elegant, and sensitive to the needs of others. These are the qualities that ensure no one suspects or questions her, and these are the qualities that earn her her master's trust--and with it, usually, some amount of freedom. Truthfully, Kuvira is the sort of person that is keenly observant, has a fantastic memory, and is constantly filing away information. However, her reputation as a beautiful and obedient slave has seen her move up through society, as her value rises and she is sold to more wealthy people.

Kuvira enjoys the wealth this gives her in turn, and enjoys the pampered lifestyle. But even more than that, she enjoys the information.

Her goal?

Well, she's with those that want to collapse slavery in Essyrn, and as she has moved through various social circles and gained access to others, it gives her insight into those worlds--and also secret information careless merchant princess and princesses might not care if a slave overhears. She is happy to pass that information onto other slaves who are with the rebellion, even though she has no interest in jeopardizing her own life and safety directly. She wants to see her masters fall--but she also doesn't want to be stupid about it. Let the coliseum fighters do the heavy work, she'll gather the intell!

And when slavery does fall, she knows exactly where her masters keep all their goods.


Her sister, Khaiya Stone.

Kuvira was born in Essyrn, her mother an Adelan slave and her father...debatable. It was thought she was the legitimate daughter of their master, but after her mother's affair with another slave was discovered, that became subject to debate. She has a younger half-sister named Khaiya, and they were born and raised into slavery, separated from their parents young when her mother's affair was discovered. Kuvira, too, was sold, even though she may have really been their master's legitimate child, but he was angry and didn't want to take the chance that she wasn't.

Kuvira and Khaiya managed to stay together for several years, sold as a pair and raised over the years in a large household. Kuvira's life was comfortable, but hard. She worked as a domestic house slave once she was old enough, keeping the house clean and caring for their master's many other children. However, when she was 11 and Khaiya was 7, they were sold again when there were just too many mouths to feed--

And this time, they were split up.

Kuvira went to a nice family where she continued her domestic work, which was difficult and exhausting. But ultimately, as Kuvira grew older, and grew into her beauty, her master began to take a different sort of interest in her. One of her friends, a fellow slave, encouraged her to pursue that; the life of a concubine was a lot more pampered than a life cleaning and cooking and tending to livestock.

And so Kuvira did, which was both a blessing and a curse. Her master's wives grew jealous, as her master began to spend more time with her instead, and so as a result she was sold. Of course, being sold because she was so desirable her master had to sell her to save his marriages was actually a pretty good selling point for her! And from that moment on, she has traded hands several times, and slowly begun to work her way up through the ranks and grow a reputation.

And as time went on, and she became friends with other concubines, she started to learn how to really work the system to her favor.

For she would much rather be free, of course, but at the same time, slavery is all she's known. So she could much rather destroy the system from the inside rather than do something foolhardy like attempt an escape--because where would she go? As much as she hates to admit it, slavery is, at least, comfortable, and she wouldn't really know what to do with herself outside of it. Mostly, she wishes to find her sister, for slavery was always hardest on Khaiya, and she worries about her and misses her--even though, as a child, she harbored some resentment toward her, as Khaiya's birth got them both sold.

But Kuvira holds no love for her masters, who sold her and her sister like they were nothing, and her hatred begun with the man she viewed as her father, who sold her like she was nothing after treating her as his golden child. Her views toward the system are complex and conflicting.

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