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Author Topic: Khaiya Stone; dragon-rider  (Read 361 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Khaiya Stone; dragon-rider
« on: July 27, 2015, 03:29:02 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Khaiya Stone
Former slave, current dragon-knight!

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Khaiya has thick and slightly curly dark red hair, which she wears cropped short, for there is nothing more annoying that soaring through the air with hair whipping your face! Her skin is a deep bronze in color, and her eyes are a piercing green with thick, dark lashes.

She has a strong build with little body fat, with hard, lean muscle in her arms and legs and defined abs. She has a large bust that she often binds when she's on duty.

On duty, she tends to wear the same sorts of clothes the other soldiers wear, sturdy breeches, plain tunic, vambraces and gloves, and light but hardy leather armor that protects her legs and arms, especially her thighs. After all, her dragon has rough scales and that chafes like hell!

When off duty, she tends to dress rather femininely, in dresses and the like.

Like her dragon, Khaiya is the sort of person whose looks and personality don't really seem to match! When she's all in her armor and on dragon-back, she looks like one badass mofo. And she is.

But she's also quiet. Very quiet. She's not the sort of person to strike up a conversation with a stranger on her own, though she'll happily continue that conversation once it's begun! Truthfully, she's always felt a bit out of place and awkward among the other riders, for her life experiences have been so...different. She doesn't feel like she can relate to many of them. Her quietness does have the benefit of making her come across as intimidating, as shyness can be interpreted by some as aloofness, but that's far from the truth!

When someone manages to crack her shell, though, they'll find that Khaiya is a rather kind person, the sort that doesn't have much of a bad bone in her. She's strong-willed and driven, has a warm sense of humor, and has a long fuse when it comes to her temper. When angry, she's less prone to exploding and more prone to abusing the silent treatment (because she doesn't want to say something she'd regret and she needs time and space to cool down! Of course, the silent treatment isn't a very kind of healthy way to deal with things and it punishes the other person more than anything) and guilt (like, "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.").

She is a slave to duty and to her job, and can work herself to exhaustion if she's not careful. She's also very "by the book"--she plays by the rules, is a stickler for them, and gets really anxious when she sees other people breaking rules (or encouraging her to!). Her deepest fear is failing at her job--and getting sent back to Essyrn. It's unlikely, but it's always in the back of her mind, and to this day she still has a lot of anxiety and triggers around her childhood as a slave, and can be a perfectionist. She is never satisfied with herself, and is deep down very insecure.

When she's off duty, Khaiya can feel a bit antsy and restless. So she tends to pour her energy into other time-consuming tasks, because she doesn't really know how to just...relax.

She rather likes pretty things, and prefers to wear dresses when she can. Being in armor and pants is all well and good, but it gets hot, and she finds dresses more comfortable and attractive on her. If she had it her way, she'd much rather live a calm, peaceful life somewhere and raise a family, for soldiering wasn't her ideal choice! But it's better than what she had, and to this day she sometimes finds the freedom a little scary, because what if she goes too far with it? What if there's a catch she doesn't see?

Slight telepathic abilities, which she uses to communicate with, and bond to, her dragon, Jasper.

Was trained in sword-fighting and hand-to-hand combat, and can kick serious ass that way. Usually she doesn't have to, because she's usually with her dragon, and people tend to not want to mess with a giant beast of scales and teeth and claws and spines.

Jasper - her dragon! Jasper is predominantly red in color with swirling veins of green and black in his scales. He's a huge thing with two sets of long, straight red horns and more bony, spiny protrusions sweeping down his back, which doesn't make him the most comfortable beast to ride. His saddle and harness had to be very specially designed for him, and was made to fit between two of those dangerous spines, just above his wings and behind the base of his neck. He's built like a brick house, all muscle and bulk, with a long, thick tail that ends in a club-like knob--and which is also covered in deadly spines.

Despite his prickly (literally) appearance, he's a jovial beast that doesn't seem to be aware of his own size half the time, and who is very demanding of affection and attention and chin scratches. With his deep, booming, growly voice, however, he sounds rather like some demonic aberration and can come off as terrifying even when he's trying to be sweet. He is young yet wise and incredibly patient, and finds humans to be a curiosity that's always in too much of a hurry. For Jasper is a rather slow, lumbering beast on land--but in the air, he's lightning-quick.

Has an older sister, Kuvira.

Khaiya was born in Essyrn, to two Adelan slaves. She has an older half-sister named Kuvira, and they were born and raised into slavery, separated from their parents young when her mother's affair was discovered. Kuvira, too, was sold, even though she may have really been their master's legitimate child, but he was angry and didn't want to take the chance that she wasn't.

Kuvira and Khaiya managed to stay together for several years, sold as a pair and raised over the years in a large household. Khaiya's life was comfortable, but hard. Once she was old enough to work, she worked, keeping the house clean and caring for their master's many other children. However, when Kuvira was 11 and she was 7, they were sold again when there were just too many mouths to feed--

And this time, they were split up.

Khaiya changed masters only twice more, winding up first with a cruel family. It wasn't the husband and wives that were the real issue, but rather their legitimate children, who were rather mean and bratty to she and the other slaves. She wound up being their scapegoat for all sorts of things, blamed for all their bad behavior when they broke a rule--or even when they sabotaged her work. When one of their children broke a vase playing too rowdy in the home, it was Khaiya who got the switch. It was during this time that she grew withdrawn and quiet and just tried to busy herself with her work and survive the day, but even then she was a target of their bullying. To her, it felt like no matter what she did, she got punished for it.

And eventually, when she was 13, she was sold again (for because of those children's sabotaging, they made it seem like she was terrible at her job!). This time, however, it would be the best thing that ever happened to her.

She was sold to a rich Serenian merchant who's bored young daughter needed a friend and attendant, a girl her age. Khaiya traveled with them back toward Serendipity, and it was during their trip, while they were passing through Adela, that they passed a small group of dragon-riders delivering new fledglings from the Thunderblacks. One of the fledglings squirmed free of its handler's arms and took flight--and landed right on Khaiya's head, much to the girl's screaming horror!

But it was also in that moment that the dragon, who would later grow up to be Jasper, chose her, like it was something she was born to do. And he did choose her, because he didn't let go of her and hissed and bit at anyone who tried to pry him off of her until it was clear she was going with them!

And from that moment on, Khaiya went on to live under the dragon knights' wings, growing up alongside Jasper. It was hard work, and she never wanted to be a soldier--but it was also fulfilling.

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