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Author Topic: Clover Faith; church mouse  (Read 313 times)

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Clover Faith; church mouse
« on: July 28, 2015, 09:40:49 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Clover Faith
Sister of the Church
Uthlyn, Connlaoth

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Clover has pale skin that can develop a golden tan in the sun, and which is covered in freckles that only grow more plentiful when she does gets sun. She has expressive bright blue eyes. Her hair is golden-blond and falls down to her waist in gentle waves, save for her shorter bangs that frame her face. However, her hair is usually partially covered up by a white headscarf.

She's a tiny pocket-sized slip of a thing with a curvy build and ample bust that is usually covered up by the baggy, "modest" clothes she wears: generally a gray, high-necked, long-sleeved dress that comes down past her ankles. Beneath it, she wears some plain white pantaloons, tied at the ankles, to account for the windy weather. Her clothing is, overall, pretty hideous and shapeless, honestly. On the breast of her clothing is the symbol of the Church that all mages are required to wear.

Spunky and fiery and playful! Clover looks like a cute little thing, but she's got a mouth on her that she has to struggle to watch, and Big Opinions on everything that she also has to...try to keep in check. She loves a good debate and can turn pretty much anything into an argument just for the fun of it. She's totally one of those annoying people that enjoys playing "devil's advocate" just to be contrary and cause a stir (though never about religious matters! That ways lies DANGER), and she loves coming up with crazy theories just to be silly--all while feigning total innocence and sweetness and obliviousness. She doesn't even really care if she's on the losing side of the debate.

Hey, she's gotta keep entertained somehow! It can't all just be hymns and prayer and cleaning.

That said, she's not so good at taking it as she is at dishing it out. She has a bit of a temper on her, which usually manifests in the form of sulkiness. She likes challenging beliefs, but doesn't really like it when her own beliefs are challenged. After all, she's pretty sure hers are correct!

Deep down inside, buried beneath her contrary nature, Clover is actually an altruistic person with a soft spot for helping other people. She might argue with someone just for the sake of getting a rise out of them, but she'd also defend them to the death if push came to shove. It doesn't seem she's aware of her own diminutive size most of the time.

She's also quite deeply religious--but she doesn't agree with the current matters regarding the civil war. She believes magic should definitely not be used! But she believes if mages are playing by the rules and being good, they shouldn't be punished. D8 Ansgar said hate the magic, love the mage, after all! All that said, she did take a vow of celibacy as she was required to do when she turned herself into the church, because mages aren't technically allowed to have kids, and it's not like she'll get married anyway.

Despite Clover's outspokenness, she's a lot more quiet and reserved in public. She's very aware that people are paranoid and look for excuses to blame things on mages, so that makes her rather paranoid and cautious about being in public in turn.

Clover is a blood mage. The ability scares even her, and makes her feel dangerous and dirty inside. She's only used her magic a couple times by accident, and the first time she thought it was surely her imagination--the second time, she got herself straight to a church!

The other Brothers and Sisters of her church, as well as the Father.

Parents are still alive! Has two older brothers.

Born and raised in Uthlyn to a nice family! Had a pretty average, decent life growing up--but it all came crashing down when she discovered that she was a blood mage when she was 16. That terrified the crap out of her, so she turned herself into the nearest church, repented, and has been working and living there ever since.

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