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Author Topic: Aysel Rose; art mage  (Read 446 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Aysel Rose; art mage
« on: August 23, 2015, 07:05:32 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Aysel Rose

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Aysel is petite, slender, and long-limbed, with an average bust. She has pale, peachy skin and large, bright green eyes. Her hair is long, coming down almost to her butt, and white. She usually wears it pinned and plaited. She has impish looks and an easy smile and her skin is free of blemishes, save for a birth mark in an embarrassing place. (Basically, it looks vaguely like a kiss on her right butt cheek.)

She tends to dress in simple bodice and skirt combinations, and doesn't generally wear much jewellery or adornment--unless you count all the paint stains all over her clothes and hands.

Headstrong and independent! Aysel is very expressive and animated, the sort that talks with her hands and gestures a lot when she speaks. She's not afraid to speak her mind, and she often acts far more worldly and knowledgeable about things than she actually is, because she doesn't like being wrong, and doesn't like feeling naive.

Very creatively minded. Aysel has an artistic mind and is quite used to thinking outside the box! She's lively and spunky and sometimes, her imagination can be too big for her and conjure up all sorts of crazy scenarios to explain something that might have a very simple, very normal explanation.

Aysel is a talented up and coming artist that deals in various wet and dry medias, her favorites being watercolors, tempera, and a little dabbling into fresco. She is also an art mage! In that, she can physically manifest the things she creates.

Of course, her magic has many, many limits. For example, she can't create living things--like, she wouldn't be able to draw a cat and then conjure up a living, breathing cat or even a flower (though she could make convincing fake ones!). And her magic has to have a source, like she couldn't just draw water in the desert and have there be water. But if there was a lake nearby, or sufficient water in the air, her magic would draw from that to make the water. She has a very "magic, do what you will!" relationship with her magic, in that she can draw what she wants, but the magic ultimately decides the best course for making that happen.

She also has to be pretty careful with her art! She could have the right materials available, but if she draws a sword and draws it crooked, sometimes it'll...come out crooked. Generally the magic knows what it's doing and fills in the blanks in her in-expertise, but it also has to know what she wants, and it's not a precise art as she's still a novice at it! But as she grows as an artist, so too does her skill in the magic. Generally, the more precise she is, the better the results.

Abstract art is a whole 'nother can of worms! And not something she's particularly strong at. It can be used best to convey ideas (like, blow that tree up with fire), though again, that can be tricky to get across and her mind has to be really connected to it. Again, not something she's super attuned to.

5 older siblings (3 brothers, 2 sisters), all alive and well, as are her parents! She still lives at home with them, helping out around the home and helping with their crafts (her father is a weaver, and her mother is a potter) when not working on her own projects.

Aysel comes from a humble little Serenian family of craftsmen and artisans of varying sorts, such as potters and weavers. Her parents wish she could have pursued a more useful craft, but as the youngest child, they haven't really pushed her that hard to get out and start her life and have allowed her more freedom (because her siblings have all rather successfully snagged husbands and wives). Her family isn't poor and starving, but they aren't wealthy; they're comfortable, for their jobs provide them with just enough to maintain their lifestyle.

Aysel makes some income from selling her art, and she does a lot of street portraits for people. She also uses her magic to make physical art for people at a higher price, and those particular pieces are gaining her more notice. Though, of course, it's difficult, and she really hopes not to be an artist that isn't appreciated until they're dead. |:

Life was good for her, for the most part! However, she was recently kidnapped off the streets by the slaver, Gwendolyn, when she stayed out too late one day to paint a sunset. She doesn't plan on staying kidnapped.

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