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Author Topic: Cerys; necromantic priestess  (Read 264 times)

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Cerys; necromantic priestess
« on: December 09, 2015, 07:02:22 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Necromantic priestess
A settlement near Fell, but wanders.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Cerys is a rather pretty, tall woman with features that point to her being from no nation yet all nations all at once. She has light olive skin and a fair amount of freckles dusting her nose and shoulders and...well, pretty much everywhere. Her hair is strange and vibrant and reminiscent of a sunset, a mixture of rich violets and reds and oranges and yellows, worn down to mid-back, with sections of it braided and pulled back from her face. She has bright blue eyes, slightly tilted, and impish, full red lips, and a strong nose. Ruining her looks is the fact that her eyes often have dark shadows beneath them from lack of sleep. She has several piercings through her ears, and a loop through the middle of her lip.

She tends to dress in clothing lined with thick furs in cooler weather, and dons the clothing style of whatever nation she's visiting otherwise. Wears a necklace on a thick cord, with a pendant carved from bone with several runes etched into it, symbolizing her god. The bone comes from a chunk of human jawbone, though one would never be able to tell just from looking at it.

Rather world-weary. Not much seems to surprise her; on the contrary, surprises just seem to irritate her as an inconvenience. Cerys tends to give off an air of indifference concerning the goings on about her, in a distracted sort of way, as though she's not quite engaged with the world. Which is, in a way, true; she's a very focused person and when she's on a mission, she attacks it with a single-minded, fanatical determination. However, she also observes a lot more than she lets on.

Has a terrible sense of humor. Terrible as in it tends to very morbid. She's also not in the least bit squeamish, and has a fascination with the macabre. A natural consequence of, well, growing up as she did. |: It's not to say she's irreverent about death--quite the opposite. She respects it and fears it all the more because of what she is.

Has a very black and white view of the world, and regards people outside her faith as irreverent heathens. She has a rather strict moral code, though others might not really see the rhyme or reason of it.

Necromancy. Cerys can raise the dead, either fresh corpses or skeletons, though it takes a physical toll on her. It leeches her own energy to power another body, and the more intense the raising, the worse the consequences. Thus, she is quite careful with this skill. The abominations she creates when she does this are not generally sentient, but are more like puppets she controls. However, she can sometimes guide an entity into a body for a time, though she must be careful, because there's really no telling what she's letting in.

She can leech energy from other people, as well--and even kill that way. It requires physical contact with her victim for her to do that, though. It's her preferred way of gathering souls, as it's rather painless for the victim and bloodless. Violence makes it more difficult to catch and bottle a soul, whereas this is...gentler.

Disturbingly enough, this method does not instantly kill a person, though. Instead, it takes their soul, but leaves their body alive--just in a comatose state, though all their automatic functions (breathing, heartbeat, digestion, etc.) are still functioning. Theoretically, they could be kept alive if they're still fed and cared for, but at that point they're just a body; the person is gone. Death only occurs because the body ultimately shuts down from neglect.

She can also communicate with the dead. Doesn't really like to, though. All too often she doesn't get valuable information, but just winds up talking with spirits and demons masquerading as people.

Carries a ceremonial knife on her, engraved with runes, and a brass hip flash engraved with a different set of runes.

Saray: Her cult's "god", a supposed deity of life, death, magic, and protection. She and her cult are religiously dedicated to him, and provide him with sacrifices of souls, blood, and flesh to make him stronger. He gives her a quota, she goes out and gets the job done.

The Cult: Cerys was raised in a cult. They include her foster parents and siblings. They are a small, fanatical group, and there is an extreme sense of loyalty and righteousness among members, a sense of "us against the world". They believe Saray is their savior god and that he can be made stronger through sacrifice--and that one day Saray will cleanse Fell, the place they believe is their ancestral home and holy land. Their goal is to gain followers for their cause, and sacrifice unbelievers to Saray to give him strength.

Necromancers are especially valuable to their faith, for they believe they were made in Saray's image and given his gift, his ability to manipulate and overcome life and death itself. Children are tested for such abilities, and if they show aptitude, they become their priests and priestesses.

She has one!
Dreams of Demons
Blood and Roses.

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