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Author Topic: Chephirah; pride leader  (Read 268 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Chephirah; pride leader
« on: January 12, 2016, 10:30:56 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
The surrounding areas of Essyrn.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Chephirah is tall and powerfully built, with broad shoulders, toned muscle, and defined abs. Her build is on the curvy side with an average bust she often keeps bound, and her looks are rather androgynous, and she often presents as male. Her skin is a rich umber in color, and her eyes are golden yellow (though the right is a bit cloudy) and framed with thick lashes. She has a tawny mane of thick, fluffy hair that falls down to mid-back. It's darker on the underside, almost black, and lighter on top, like a lion's mane. She usually wears her hair loose and wild, for her hair is a source of pride for her, though she ties it back when on the hunt.

She looks mostly human, except for a few small differences--like the small, furry rounded ears, like a lion's, that poke out from her hair. She also has a lion's tufted tail, wicked canines, and retractable claws instead of a human's blunt nails.

She bears many scars on her body, scars which obviously came from claws. Her shoulders, chest, and thighs bear a series of them, but the ones that catch peoples' eye immediately are the four slashes that cross over her face and blind her in her right eye.

She dresses simply, in loose pants that cut off below the knees, and a simple, light shirt, complete with a colorful sash and sandals. Often wears many colorful, beaded necklaces, anklets, and bracelets.

In her lion form, she is roughly the size of a male--and looks really no different from one, for she is a maned lioness.

Gruff, no-nonsense, and fiercely protective. Chephirah would die to defend her people--and nearly has before! However, though she is known for being fierce, on the inside she's a cuddly ball of fluff who's very affectionate with the members of her pride, and who would really rather be lazing about in the shade of a large tree.

Shifting! Chephirah can shift into lion form at will. She's a formidable opponent in human or lion form, preferring hand to hand (or...paw to paw?) combat, and is not the sort to back down when challenged or threatened.

Her pride! Chephirah is the leader of her pride, and due to her mutation she's been successful in driving away challenging males. Most simply see her and assume she's a male and leave her the hell alone. She's not the only maned lioness in her pride; the mutation runs strong in her group, so it's not uncommon among them, though not all lionesses are maned. For the few males that have challenged her leadership, however, she's thus far been able to successfully fight them off--often with the aid of another maned lioness or two, which gives the impression that they're a coalition.

Chephirah has three daughters and a son, who was her oldest. Her daughters are still with her, but her son was sent out into the world when he was old enough, as is her kind's tradition, to seek a pride of his own. Unlike most prides, not everyone in her pride is related to her; she takes in other lion-shifters from other prides, too--many times it's pregnant women who left their pride when a new male took over, fearful that their children might be killed for not being his, or just women who might not like their leader. Lions can sometimes be dicks. |:

She has a good relationship with her pride, and their society is very cooperative. They all take part in hunting, gathering, caring for children, and caring for the elderly.


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