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Author Topic: Tiaret; lion-daughter  (Read 313 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Tiaret; lion-daughter
« on: February 01, 2016, 12:34:16 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
The surrounding areas of Essyrn!

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Tiaret is tiny. Much smaller than most of the other members of her pride, with a slender, graceful build, soft, feminine curves, and full, dark lips. Her skin is a rich umber in color and dusted with freckles along her nose and cheeks and the rest of her body here and there, and her hair is tawny brown, darker on the undersides. She wears her thick hair short and shaggy and shaved along the left side, decorated with tiny braids here and there. Her eyes are hazel in color, favoring green--but they are cloudy. Blind eyes. Most of the time, however, she keeps her eyes covered with a blindfold to protect them from the sunlight.

She looks mostly human, save for her ears, which are those of a lion, her sharp teeth, the retractable claws that replace blunt human nails, and her tufted lion's tail. She can also shift into lion form, where she takes the shape of a small, tawny lioness.

She tends to dress simply, in skirts and loose, sleeveless tops that tie around the neck. Her ears are also pierced, and she often decorates her tail with bangles.

Quiet, shy, and soft-spoken. Tiaret is lucky to be alive, and to have survived so long with her condition, and she knows it--and often deals with a lot of insecurity as a result of that, since she has to rely so heavily upon others. She worries about being useful, and so goes out of her way to find work she can do, since she can't hunt or scout. Above all else, she worries about being a burden.

Beneath all that, however, one can find someone who is calm and kind, and relies more on rational thought than emotional. After all, she has found work as a healer, for she was lucky to be born with magic, and being calm and rational is key when dealing with upset patients! She has worked very hard to adopt proper bedside manner and keep her thoughts inside!

Unfortunately, she's become so good at that that she doesn't really know how to let other people inside.

Healing! Tiaret can heal with magic, though her gift only goes so far and has to be supplemented with traditional medicine, which she practices as well. She has familiarity with a wide variety of plants (which she can recognize by feel and smell and taste--where it's safe!), and she knows how to set a bone and bind a wound.

She's also got a great ear for music, and is adept at playing the kora.

Her mother, Chephirah! Also an older sister and older brother. And the rest of their pride. 8D


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