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Author Topic: Zahara Hasan; reluctant bride  (Read 251 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Zahara Hasan; reluctant bride
« on: April 08, 2016, 05:25:36 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Zahara Hasan
Merchant's daughter.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Zahara has smooth ebony skin, long, thick, curly black hair that falls down her back in waves, and golden eyes with thick lashes. She has full lips, a heart-shaped face, and thick brows she keeps meticulously shaped. Her ears are pierced once, and she favors dangly earrings, and fingers and arms are adorned with rings and bracelets and armlets to show off her family's wealth, and sometimes she wears a simple headdress when out in public.

She's a slender slip of a thing, and quite short for being Essyrni. She has a boyish build with slim hips and not much of a bust, and she tends to wear brightly dyed robes and slips with colorfully patterned sashes.

The shy, nervous, sensitive type. Zahara is not particularly bold, and is if anything rather meek and has a difficult time standing up for herself. She is awkward in social situations, always afraid of saying the wrong thing and looking like a fool--which, of course, makes her stumble over her words even more. She has a tendency to be a follower rather than a leader--more because she's afraid of going against the grain and making people mad or disappointed in her. This makes her a notorious procrastinator, because she's afraid of failure.

When she's comfortable with someone, she opens up more, but she still has problems with being a pushover, especially when she reallyreally likes someone and is even more afraid of losing them. But when she's around those people, she becomes more animated and can be hard to shut up once she gets on a roll about some subject she's excited about--which embarrasses the heck out of her when she realizes she's doing it! She's a bright girl, though, with a silly sense of humor once she gets comfortable enough to let it out, though her parents often chided her for being childish.

She has a temper, and tends to cry when mad or frustrated. (Which makes her even more frustrated because no one takes her seriously when that happens!) As such, she tends to be the sort of person that prefers being alone when she's upset because then no one can be a witness to that! She's also the sort of person that tends to reeeally bottle up her upset until it explodes. By the time she'd gotten to the point of tears, she's reeeally upset.

She's got a keen interest in astrology and astronomy, though she has no magical gifts pertaining to either. But she takes that stuff very seriously and is pretty superstitious! Is an avid reader and lover of history, as well, and wants really nothing more than to work with books, as a scribe or a librarian, as she's very educated and wants to do something with that. Unfortunately, her parents think that's for boys, not girls, and that being a librarian or a scribe is beneath her.

Water magic. |: It scares her, so she keeps it veeery much under wraps and has told no one.

Her father, his 5 wives (including her mother), and her 14 siblings. They are a very traditional, and very wealthy, family and have been securing more wealth through political marriages (which also gets their kids out of their hair).

Born in a very wealthy and very traditional family of merchants! Her father is a merchant prince whose business I haven't yet decided. |:

In any case, Zahara is one of the youngest of her siblings, and one of the last to be married at 18, because her parents poured so much into securing the political marriages of the others, matches designed to pair their children up with powerful families. Now it's her turn, and she's not so happy, because she'd rather pursue other goals than being some sort of bargaining chip.

But there's little she feels she can do about it, too, and she is set to become the fourth and youngest bride of a 30-year-old merchant prince.

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