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Author Topic: Simonea; dream fae  (Read 207 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Simonea; dream fae
« on: July 29, 2016, 01:12:30 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Dream guardian

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Simonea looks, for the most part, like a young human woman. Her hair is long and white, falling in loose curls down to her hips with an iridescent sheen to it, like the shimmer of a soap bubble, and her skin is almost just as pale. Her eyes are a pale crimson, and the eyelashes framing them are also stark white, as are her eyebrows. She has a heart-shaped face, full pink lips, and delicately pointed ears like an elf--though they are covered in longer iridescent blue and green feathers reminiscent of peacock plumage. More of those feathers can be found in her hair.

She has a slim, boyish build and a nearly flat chest. Also notable about her are her wings--dainty, feathered wings that can beat as fast as a hummingbird's and that are also the color of peacock plumage, a motif which extends to her long, feathery tail--which, yup, is that of a peacock, and which she can fan like one, too. Hey, that may be exclusive to male peacocks, but she's a fae, dammit, she can break the rules.

She wears a smooth, teardrop-shaped bead of scolecite on a chain that threads through her hair, so the scolecite comes to rest at the middle of her forehead. As for clothes, she favors simple garments: a loose, earth-toned dress that ties at the waist and leaves her arms bare. She rarely wears shoes.

I'll figure this out as I play her! <3

Dream magic!

Basically, she can enter the dreams of others, and influence them--or just listen in. It can be a useful way to gain information--if one knows how to interpret the symbolism of dreams, something she is still studying and learning. More importantly, however, is that she can also guard and protect against entities that prey on others through their dreams, like incubi and other demons. There are soldiers in the world that protect against physical threats; she and her kind are warriors of the dreamscape, and her kind believe that the dreamscape is only thinly separated from the otherworld, and that it can be a conduit between worlds.

Her other job, aside from serving as a protector, is to provide mercy and peace to the dying. She can access their dreams--and guide them to the otherworld, if they are willing.

Of course, drawbacks to this are that her physical body is vulnerable while she is in the dreamscape, as she is basically passed out dead to the world while she's there. If someone were to jostle her, though, it would snap her back--which is another drawback if she's in the middle of something intensive in the dreamscape! Also, injuries sustained in the dreamscape manifest for her in the physical world. If she's cut in the dreamscape, the injury appears on her body. If she dies there, she's dead.

Spending too much time there can make her disoriented and groggy, even if she technically has to enter REM sleep to enter the dreamscape.


She's a young dream fae, still in training and learning the ropes, but eager to kick some demon ass.

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