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Author Topic: Monster; cursed girl  (Read 167 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Monster; cursed girl
« on: August 04, 2016, 11:43:31 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
...resident monster?

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Monster is, well, monstrous to behold. She is a huge, bipedal beast covered in shaggy black and brown fur, and where a face should be is instead the skull of a tusked deer. Instead of eyes, the sockets emit an eerie blue light. She has the horns of a ram and ears of a wolf, and a thick crest of fur grows down the center of her spine, from head to tailbone, that stands on end when she's threatened. Her hands are like a strange combination of paws and hands, with fingers and thumbs but lacking much of a human's dexterity, each finger tipped in a thick black claw. Instead of feet she has the hooves of a horse, surrounded by thick fur like a draft horse. Likewise, her tail is that of a horse, long and silky.

She is built strong, thick as a brick wall. She wears no clothes; nothing would fit her, her fur hides everything anyway, and she's a muthafrickin' monster, yo.

A gentle giant. But few people give her the time of day to see that. Most drive her away with pitchforks and screams. But Monster craves company and craves attention and affection--even if her attempts at initiating contact are usually perceived as dangerous and aggressive. She really just wants to fit in and be with the peoples. D8

Monster wasn't always a monster, but she doesn't remember the time before she became a beast. Sometimes something tugs at her memory, but it's always fleeting.

She has a limited vocabulary. Her body isn't really suited for speech.

Inhuman strength, speed, and senses.

None. D8

Monster was once just a Connlaothian girl named Abigail, born to a high profile Mordecai mother and father. They messed with the wrong group of mages, though, which resulted in the execution of said mages--and revenge from the mages that had managed to escape. One mage was a rather powerful one, and though his magic couldn't touch the Mordecai, it could touch their daughter. And as his own daughter had been murdered by the Mordecai, well...he was pissed.

He managed to track the Mordecai back to their family home, and set a curse on their daughter to turn her into a beast, intending said beast to kill the Mordecai. When Abigail's parents discovered a beast curled up in their daughter's bed, they figured their daughter had been killed and consumed. They attacked her, and when she woke up to screams and assault and confusion, she fought back, not understanding why her own parents were attacking her, or who the monster in the room was. She gravely injured her mother before she escaped out a window, pursued by her father and other townspeople awakened by the calamity, but she escaped.

And yet even as she quickly came to realize that she was the monster, and even as she tried unsuccessfully to find a way back home to explain, she soon learned it was impossible. The instant anyone saw her, they tried to kill her. And gradually, over time, the curse manifested in other ways--such as slowly taking her memories.

Day by day, a little more of the girl is lost, and a little more of the beast takes over.

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