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Author Topic: Makoro; kirin matriarch  (Read 156 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Makoro; kirin matriarch
« on: August 16, 2016, 02:23:07 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
500 years, give or take.
Matriarch of her tribe.
Jungles of Thanatos

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
In humanoid form, Makoro is tall and gracefully slender, but packed with lean muscle. Her skin is a dark brown in color, with patches of amber scales beneath her eyes, on her chin, over her shoulders and down her spine, and along her outer thighs. She has a long tail, also covered in scales, that has a thick red tuft of fur at the end, long and silky. She has the ears of a horse, and they are also covered in scales.

Her hair is long and thick, a deep fiery red in color. When she lets it down, it drags on the ground, but she normally wears it pinned and plaited in elaborate hairstyles. Her legs are long, and just below the knee they take on a more equine shape, ending in dainty, cloven hooves surrounded by thick red fur.

She's a beautiful woman to many, almost ethereal in looks, with dark lashed, almond shaped eyes, and full lips. Her eyes are like fire, a luminous mix of reds and golds that catch even the faintest light. She has a shapely figure and full breasts, though her belly bears its share of stretch marks from the children she's borne over the years. Her skin is marred by many scars, old and new, marks of victory--and at least a couple defeats.

In kirin form, she is a force of nature, large but slender, taking on the form of a creature that looks part deer and part dragon with a wild mane long enough to drag on the ground. Yet it never seems to bother her, or entangle her, flowing like fire when she moves.

Makoro is known for being a gentle, good natured, patient, and fair ruler, but is frighteningly fierce when provoked--or when one of her own is endangered. She will fight to the bitter, bloody death for any of her people, and is much like a mother bear with cubs when it comes to protecting her tribe. Yet while she has no issues incinerating or ripping apart whoever might threaten her children, she is also content to lounge around, letting her grandkids yank on her tail and get tangled up in her hair.

She is old, and for kirin, age means power. She is secure in her place as leader of her tribe, and is quick to nip any squabbling in the bud.

-She can sense goodness and darkness in a person.
-She cannot lie, and can tell when others are lying. (Of course, if a person is clever, they can get around this. Omitting the truth is not lying, for example.)
-She has power over fire, and can breathe fire, as well, even in human form. Her command over fire is quite frightening.
-She is invulnerable to fire; in fact, fire heals her.
-Has some control over luck; it is subtle, but luck tends to favor her, and strange things have a tendency of just happening that manage to tip the scales in her direction.
-Inhumanly strong, and a fierce and fearless fighter even without magic.

Lots of children! She has given birth to seventeen sons and daughters, though that is a small amount compared to the number she could have at her age, if she had chosen to breed every year. Which she didn't. She has even more grandchildren!

Her lifelong mate is another kirin, a female named Miyurin who is just a few decades shy of being as old as she. Miyurin has her own children (ten of them), as well, and though they mated with males to produce said children, they consider the kids to be fully theirs.

Makoro has been leader of her tribe for many, many centuries, though early into her leadership she was taken captive by rich humans, who believe kirin to be lucky and capable of blessing their land with prosperity. For almost a century she was their slave, until she very, very violently broke free one day.

She reclaimed her spot as tribe leader, and has harbored a deep distrust and disgust for humans that has never gone away, even after so much time.

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