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Author Topic: Hayate Gin; librarian  (Read 134 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Hayate Gin; librarian
« on: March 27, 2017, 03:46:47 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Hayate Gin
Librarian in the Temple of Malai
Suna, Thanatos

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Hayate has shaggy, chin-length pale blond hair and brown, unblemished skin. His eyes are deep blue-violet, and he wears a pair of round spectacles that are a little too big for his face and have a habit of slipping down his nose. He has a lithe build, a bit on the too-skinny side, and as a result, kind of ends up swimming in his robes. Has a little stubble on his chin, but otherwise doesn't really grow much facial hair.

He has intricate tattoos on the tops of his hands, up to his wrists, and feet, up to his ankles, of floral designs with a sun and peacock motiff. His earlobes are pierced, stretched, and plugged with bone earrings, and his bottom lip is pierced on the left and right side.

Shy, socially awkward, a little bumbling. Way more comfortable around books and dusty scrolls than people, and thus doesn't really know how to interact normally with other folk. He'd much rather be cloistered up somewhere with a thick text, and gets fairly grumpy and annoyed when he has to actually socialize or make an appearance somewhere and bless some baby or something. |: His work is way more important than *shudder* small talk.

He kind of hates his role of Yozin. While it's nice to feel important, and while it allowed him to finally be who he is, he doesn't feel magical and hates the added stress and responsibility it places upon him.

No magic! His penmanship is impeccable, though, and his knowledge is vast!

Parents are still alive--mother and two fathers.

Has several siblings.

Hayate was originally born under the name Sayuri, but even as a child he never identified with the "female" label that was placed upon him; it always felt wrong and unnatural, like he was trying to play a part. Eventually, as he reached puberty and his body began to change, and his monthly bleeding began, resulting in panic and upset on his end, his parents came to understand that his insistence that he was a boy, not a girl, was not just the talk of a child playing pretend. No, they were blessed with a child that was Yozin.

Everything fell into place at that point. He had always been rather bookish, studious, and full of questions, always been a little awkward and more interested in reading than anything else, so the prospect of being inducted into the Temple, a place of learning--and of earning his family a better life--was perfect for him. It was like in one brilliant moment of clarity, all his life's questions had been answered.

His parents took Hayate to the Temple, where he was welcomed and blessed and taken into their ranks to train to become one of them, and it was during this time that Hayate visited a prominent flesh-sculptor with a specialty in Yozin who helped Hayate in his transition. Hayate was given infusions that changed his voice (a long and awkward process like a second puberty for him, as he joked), and the flesh-sculptor flattened his chest.

He's been living there ever since, and while he loves the work and studying, and enjoys the people he works with, he sort of feels like a fraud every time someone requests a blessing or miracle of him. It's kind of awkward. |: He doesn't feel like anything special!

Just leave him alone and let him reeead.

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