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Author Topic: Adamaris Locke; noblewoman/kelpie  (Read 154 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Adamaris Locke; noblewoman/kelpie
« on: April 14, 2017, 01:10:07 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Adamaris Locke
Human (but really a kelpie)
Featherfall, Serendipity

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Adamaris is a strange beauty.

She has skin like poured milk, pale enough that her blue veins show through, while her waist length hair is straight and inky black. She has dark, long lashes, but her eyes are strange--pale green irises with white pupils, giving her a somewhat unsettling appearance. Her lips are plump and red, her cheeks aglow with a healthy flush, and all in all she has an almost doll-like appearance. Almost too perfect, ethereal.

She is slender and shapely with round hips and a full bust, with a graceful, almost fragile build. She tends to dress in gowns that accentuate her curves and cling to her shape, with necklines that dip dangerously low. (Though her parents have chided her for it throughout her life, and often gripe at her until she drapes a stylish shawl over herself.)

She has a strange but not unpleasant scent to her if people draw too close, reminiscent of reeds and salt water and earth.

Her true form, however, is that of a sleek black horse with a wild black mane and white eyes. She doesn't know this yet. |:

Adamaris always was a wild child. She never enjoyed playing by the rules or within the confines of what is socially acceptable. She loves the outdoors, loves to get her hands dirty and wander barefoot through the grass and mud, leaves in her hair, and feels more alive outside than she ever does in court. And she has always been flirtatious--which her family found problematic, since the plan is to arrange a good marriage for her. But she has never played well within the confines of social rules and has always been kind of difficult to control, as she is downright fearless and stubborn.

And she was always intensely curious and full of questions, some very odd. She was especially curious about life and death, and has always had a sort of morbid curiosity about that that her family has always tried to stamp out. For example, she has been known to investigate the remains of hawk kills, and has always especially loved to join her father on hunts.

She can be odd and eccentric, often getting lost in her thoughts and seemingly distracted by nothing, as though she's not fully in this world. And at the same time, she has always been restless, hungering for something she couldn't quite put a finger on. And that restlessness only grows when she looks at pictures of the sea or comes across a lake, and it grows worse over time. Whenever she can get away with it, she has been known to escape outdoors and go for a swim, and it's a struggle to leave once she's in the water. She feels trapped in her life as a noblewoman and craves something...more. Craves freedom.

And sometimes, she craves blood.

That craving frightens her. The way she can sometimes look at a person and wonder how they taste, wonder how they would feel in their death throes. As a child, she drowned a cat out of curiosity just to see what it would be like, much to her parents' horror (though they ultimately wrote it off as a mistake, that she was too young to know better) and it terrifies her that she can become such a monster. That sometimes, when she flirts, it's not because she's really interested in them, but is curious about how vulnerable she could make them--and how easy would it be to kill them? But then she comes back to herself and remembers who she is, and it scares the crap out of her, that she has those thoughts.

And yet, they just happen, beyond her control, like some instinct deep inside her. And she has no idea who she could even talk to about that, because wouldn't they think she was crazy if she told them about the cravings? The dreams of the sea? Or how sometimes, she swears it's not her face she sees reflected in the water, but a black beast with reeds in its hair?

And so she tries to fake it, and tries to be normal, and tries to forget.

She's a kelpie! 8D She can turn into a water horse at will...supposedly. Once she figures out she's a kelpie and learns how to do that. Also has a passive ability to seduce, but is not really aware she does it.

Her adoptive parents! 8D

Adamaris's parents are not hers by blood. Her father found her when he was out on a hunt; he heard a child crying at the edge of a lake, hidden among the reeds. There was a kelpie in the water, too, and it burst from the lake in a fury to attack him. He grabbed the child, thinking the kelpie had already killed its parents, and fled with it, not realizing he was carrying that kelpie's child.

Ever since then, Adamaris has been raised as their own. She doesn't even realize she's adopted.

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