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Author Topic: Canary Burns, Metal Weaver  (Read 187 times)

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Offline WallyD

Canary Burns, Metal Weaver
« on: September 01, 2017, 08:44:09 PM »
Name- Canary Burns
Gender- Agender
Age- 23
Birthday- August 8th
Species- Human
Height- 5"4


Art done by me ❤
Physical- Canary's hair is a white blonde that stop at their ears and their eyes are a dull grey. Their body suggests female, but they don't seem to notice the difference. Canary's body is slim, looking sickly and their pale skin doesn't help. Under their dull grey eyes are purple-blue bags, and they tend to fall asleep while standing up (BTW they're a heavy sleeper). Despite their fragile exterior, their bones are mostly made of metal due to their special ability. Canary also has a golden chain around their arms that is usually covers by their dark grey, long sleeves. Their clothes are dim and plain. Grey shirt, black boots and cloak, dark brown boots, white under shirt.

Personality- Canary can be a bit slow to process what exactly is happening, so don't expect a lot of conversation when they are tired. They don't get mad as quickly as others, in fact they apologize for things that weren't even their fault in the first place. Canary also refuses to kill anything, they would much rather let someone do it; that being said, they still have skills.

Element: Metal- Canary has the ability to use the metal around them and bend them to their use. From ripping swords out of hands, or pickpocketing gold, they can do just about anything with metal besides killing.
Heavy Sleeper- Canary can sleep though almost anything, though when they fall asleep is not up to them.
Blood Bending- Canary doesn't use this ability that much. Since blood has iron flowing through it, if Canary would pratice, then they could use one's blood against them. Currently, Canary can bearly lift up blood and actually has very little iron in their own blood.
Pickpocket- They don't actually make money of their own and is indeed homeless. To make up for the fact they are poor, they pickpocket what they need for food and other necessary items.

Metal Ball Bearings- Can manipulate to move on land, air,or water
Throwing Knives- Only has four
Golden Chain- Unnaturally​ long
Insomnia- Lack of sleep; causes fatigue
Iron Deficiency Anemia- Lack of Iron in blood; causes fatigue

History- Canary lived with their grandparents for as long as they could remember. Having no interest with who their parents were, Canary never bothered to ask before their grandparents died. At the age of 17, Canary lived in the streets and learned of their metal ability. They quickly learned to use their ability to pickpocket unexpecting victims.

At 19, they experienced their first trama. The village Canary was living in was raided, killing many. During their time there, Canary became friends with a little girl in the orphanage. During the raid, Canary watched as the bandits slaughtered the little girl.

What happened next, Canary can't remember, but apparently they used their metal ability and uses the iron in the bandits blood to kill them. They twisted the bandits bodies, pulled all the iron out of their pores.When Canary came to, it was gruesome. It's history after that.