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Author Topic: Padauk, Earth Elemental  (Read 105 times)

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Offline SilverDragonsBlood

Padauk, Earth Elemental
« on: September 26, 2017, 08:00:36 AM »
__________QUICK STATS

Name: Padauk (pronounced: pad-owk)

Nickname: Padi

Age: 22 (this life)

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Elemental

Height: 5'4"

Ethnicity: Adelan

Occupation: Earth Mage/Wilderness Guide

Residence: Adela - Draconi Forest & Serha Plains

__________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Padi is on the shorter side, but she is powerful. The girl has fair skin with pink undertones. She has wide, brown eyes with thick lashes. Her hair falls to her shoulders in a forest of tight and unruly black and green curls. She has a curvy body with a full chest and wide hips, giving her kind of a stout appearance, but she's rather pretty nonetheless.

She wears a green, half-sleeve shirt with a brown, tank-top dress over it. The dress fits her body to her waist, then falls loosely in a ragged pattern to mid-thigh. She never wears shoes, as she enjoys the feeling of grass and dirt between her toes. Padi will never be seen with any flowers, as she believes picking flowers for personal pleasure is painful and unjust to the plant.

She has a triangular birthmark on her left shoulder.

Overall, the girl is a loner. She doesn't typically like the company of others, other than her distant siblings, and she is never the first one to say anything to a stranger.

Padi is skeptical of other people, but never downright unfriendly. She is connected to the earth and believes the plants are all the company she needs.

The girl can do some serious harm if she is approached with malicious intent. She is trained well in martial arts, as well as born with a natural magic. She can perform other types of magic with great flaw, but her strongest magic is earth magic.

She also has an interesting element to her which helps others understand why she's like what she is. Her earth power isn't simply power. She is the literal embodiment of earth and plants. She has an immortal spirit with a mortal body. The girl ages as a human and is born and dies, while retaining the memories and appearance of every life she has lived through.

Spoiler: show
The Elementals all have a gift that they will rarely tell to anyone. This gift will only be useful to those specializing in their specific fields.
Padauk (as the Earth Elemental) has the ability to boost the power of any mage with power over earth or plants. This boost will make the other mage even more powerful than the Elemental, herself.

Estranged Siblings:
Taiga (residence: Hyoite)
Hakan (residence: Essyrn)
Otikoro (residence: Yoreiq)
Elysia (residence: Serendipity)
Abri (residence: Connlaoth)
Zymeria (residence: Zantaric)
Tak'karan (residence: wanderer)
Jack (residence: Thanatos)
Lacey (residence: Serendipity)
Soreyn (residence: Adela)
Amara (residence: Thanatos)
Serona (residence: La'marri)

Spoiler: show
The Elementals are incapable of conceiving children. If conception occurs, the offspring will be born deprived of any and all magic, or more commonly, stillborn.

In this life, Padi raised herself as an orphan in the forest. She grew up in solitude, always harboring a feeling of rejection and alienation from society without any real reason for it.

She knew people and spoke to them on their journeys across the plains or through the forest, but never did she actually try to create any real attachments. She was a traveler and liked running on her own time without ties to duty or responsibility.

Nowadays, she helps guide wanderers and travelers through the Draconi Forest. It is easy to get lost, so she doesn't mind helping people out every now and then.

Spoiler: show
Padauk's last 3 lives (from most recent to oldest):
  • Explorer
  • Ranger
  • Farmer