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Author Topic: Ajan Arquen  (Read 96 times)

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Ajan Arquen
« on: October 04, 2017, 06:21:37 AM »
Ajan Arquen

87 years, though his physical appearance is of someone in his rough 20's.


Moon elf


176 cm

Vagabond, Paladin, previous Guardsman


Physical Description
Ajan is, as elves tends to be, a rather stunning creature. The most notable feature of his, apart from his elven ears, is his eyes, which are of a brilliant silver color. His skin was once fair but has tanned into a slight more olive shade after his years in the desert city of Quilien. While he has no real visible muscles, Ajan is of a lean build; a fact that is often hidden by his slender build. While Ajan often makes an effort to keep his black hair tamed, it often grows too long for him to bother. Therefore, he can sometimes be seen in a ponytail.
The first thing one notes about Ajan is how respectable and courteous is. He is mature and always organized; some would call him a control freak. His liking of discipline and order often makes him come off as stiff and cold, which is a face he doesn't mind keeping up. The truth is Ajan is actually quite fragile and possess a gentle heart and a sensitive soul.

While Ajan used to dabble in Holy Magic during his days a paladin in Quile's Holy Guard, his real passion lies in the arts of glamour, especially illusions. Aside from that, Ajan is quite skilled with a sword.

Arany is at the time the only friend he values, as they have been through a lot. Ever since the two of them swore an oath to each other during their time as partners in the Holy Guard of Quile, Ajan has been very protective of Arany. As a part of their rebellion and eventual escape from Quilien, Ajan and Arany swore an oath of Naith, which binds them together by blood. Ajan has since then went by her surname, as he himself never had one.

Ajan was orphaned at a young age and has no memories of who he was before he was left at the Temple of Quile, which is why Ajan is unsure of his own roots. Because he was born and raised a Brother of Quile; he has always held order and discipline in a higher regard than bonds or friendship. It wasn't until he became a guardsman that Ajan began to question those in power of Quilien and eventually realized that his home had turned corrupt. After the disbanding of the holy guard, Ajan and Arany has been on the run from the vengeful spirits of their past and now lives as vagabonds.