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Author Topic: Amara, Lightning Elemental  (Read 144 times)

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Offline SilverDragonsBlood

Amara, Lightning Elemental
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:24:36 PM »
__________QUICK STATS

Name: Amara

Age: 30 (this life)

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Elemental

Height: 5'5"

Ethnicity: Thanati

Occupation: Maoin/Lightning Elemental

Residence: Thanatos

Random Fact: Amara loves romance stories.

__________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Amara is a beautiful woman with a mature energy around her. Her turquoise hair is unique and falls in graceful waves to the middle of her back, but what really interests people are her mismatched blue and purple eyes. She wears four earrings in either ear, as well as a nose piercing.

She commonly wears dark clothing with vibrant lightning patterns all over it, as well as a red head scarf when going out. Her clothing is designed to be as revealing as possible, while also covering her in a classy manner. Amara has a tattoo of a red heart on her left hip that she keeps hidden under her clothing.

Her identitying mark is the birthmark of a lightning bolt on her left shoulder.
Spoiler: show

credit: Jorsch on DeviantArt
edits made by me

Though naturally a strong woman, Amara will often take a step back to let others lead when in a group. She's a secretive person, preferring to keep her business to herself, but she trusts with her whole being. She is stubborn and fiery, but is good at keeping her temper under control in public.

Because of Thanatos' disapproval of elemental magic, Amara keeps her gift to herself. She loves her life and wouldn't give it up because of something as trivial as being frowned upon, so she just opts to live in secret, despite her position as a Maoin.

She was born with magic, specifically the power to control and generate lightning. This ability has given her many personal joys, and it fits in well with the stormy climate of Thanatos.

She is a skilled artist and loves to paint. As a Maoin, she is sought out particularly for painting portraits of people, families, landscapes, etc. because of natural ability to put life onto the canvas.

She also has an interesting element to her which helps others understand why she's like what she is. Her lightning power isn't simply power. She is the literal embodiment of lightning and electricity. She has an immortal spirit with a mortal body. The girl ages as a human and is born and dies, while retaining the memories and appearance of every life she has lived through.

Spoiler: show
The Elementals all have a gift that they will rarely tell to anyone. This gift will only be useful to those specializing in their specific fields.
Amara (as the Lightning Elemental) has the ability to boost the power of any mage with power over lightning or electricity. This boost will make the other mage even more powerful than the Elemental, herself.

Estranged Siblings:
Taiga (residence: Hyoite)
Hakan (residence: Essyrn)
Otikoro (residence: Yoreiq)
Elysia (residence: Serendipity)
Abri (residence: Connlaoth)
Padauk (residence: Adela)
Zymeria (residence: Zantaric)
Tak'karan (residence: wanderer)
Jack (residence: Thanatos)
Lacey (residence: Serendipity)
Soreyn (residence: Adela)
Serona (residence: La'marri)
Boyfriend: Extrotun

Spoiler: show
The Elementals are incapable of conceiving children. If conception occurs, the offspring will be born deprived of any and all magic, or more commonly, stillborn.

After being accepted into the Maoin schools, Amara excelled in her studies. She kept herself from practicing her lightning magic, so it is now weaker than her other siblings' magic. She has the potential for greatness, but she just was never passionate about her given ability.

When she was sixteen, she met a twenty-year-old man who was also a Maoin. He was a little loose with his sexuality, throwing it around as he wished. It was a good thing she wasn't a jealous person, understanding that he did what he did professionally. She kept her sexuality as a prize for only him, and they had a passionate love affair for six years. They broke it off, but still date off and on to this day.

She fell in love with art, discovering her talent with paint when she was twenty-one. She was sought after by many wealthy people for many different paintings. She stays with her boyfriend and his two-year-old dog. His act is quite famous, and she simply loves watching him perform, saying that she's his biggest fan.

Spoiler: show
Amara's last 3 lives (from most recent to oldest):
  • Jeweller
  • Tanner
  • Apothecary



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