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Author Topic: Minyard, Diver  (Read 70 times)

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Minyard, Diver
« on: November 12, 2017, 09:57:22 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Minyard Fints
Age 34
Gender male
Species human
Ethnicity Yoreiqi
Height 6'3.5"
Weight 189 lbs
Occupation Fisherman
Residence Permanent residence near Yoreiq and the hot springs, sometimes further camps

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description Minyard is a large, burly man with a mix of muscles and fat contributing to his weight. He has a chiselled jawline with the dark beginnings of a beard, and wiry dark grey hair that reaches his shoulders, slicked back and held in place under a large light grey wool hat. He has narrow blue eyes, and a large crooked nose. He wears several large overcoats made with animal pelts, mostly wolf, and thick brown boots. His hands are large and covered in scratches and little scars, but usually covered with thick brown gloves when he's not in the water.

Personality He's open and warm, with a hearty laugh and an infectuous smile. He's often out catching game, however, and gets quiet when he's tired after a day of work, so his natural personality does not often shine through. He can be gruff and cranky with people who won't listen or will argue with him, but all in all he's a happy man.

Magic/Abilities He can amp up his body heat, effectively making him immune to extreme cold when he needs to be. He can also hold his breath for up to twenty minutes- these two abilities enable him to be able to dive much longer and deeper than normal fishing poles, and thus much larger and rarer fish and other creatures. His abilities are not default, however, and it takes energy for him to 'turn them on'.

Relationships He's been single most of his life, but is looking for a romantic partner. He's on good terms with both parents and two of his siblings. (The other three have moved to Connlaoth and broken communication with the family.) He has several acquintances within Yoreiq and surrounding villages, but no good friends outside of his family.

History He had a simple childhood, mostly travelling with his family, as his parents were both hunters. They stayed in Yoreiq frequently, whenever his mother was pregnant. His father was in a hunting accident when Minyard was 13, leaving him with no movement in his legs. Minyard and his mother rotate who's taking care of him in Yoreiq and who's out working. Currently he also lives in Yoreiq, in a small residency next to his parents'. He's considered one of the best fisherman in nearby villages, due to his abilities. One of his siblings in Connlaoth also shared his abilities.

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