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Author Topic: Xander Botinal, Gambler and Conman  (Read 36 times)

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Xander Botinal, Gambler and Conman
« on: December 27, 2017, 02:21:30 PM »
__________QUICK STATS

Name: Xander Botinal

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height: 6'

Ethnicity: Adelan

Occupation: Anything and Everything

Residence: Primarily Zantaric, but he does get around

__________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
At first glance, Xander wouldn't be the one to catch most people's eye. He isn't devilishly handsome, but his charismatic attitude and clothing style is what holds people's attention. He's a tall, lean fellow with clearly cut muscles. His jawline is narrow with a neatly trimmed beard on his jaw, not claiming his upper lip. He has thin lips and a pointed nose with soft blue eyes. He wears a small pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose. His hair is a dark brown and hangs shaggily to his shoulders.

His clothing resembles that of a pirate, but he doesn't live that life. He has blue pants tucked into dark brown boots that fold down at the top. His red shirt has a plunging neckline that exposes most of his chest and might as well have been made as a vest. He wears a brown belt over his shirt around his waist for style. His brown leather coat is one of the most expensive things he owns, as it is extremely beautiful quality. It falls to his calves, and the sleeves roll up to the elbows.

He always wears a pair of fingerless, brown leather gloves with unnoticeable reinforced knuckle protection. Xander also has at least two gold necklaces on at all times and a leather belt hanging across his left hip. He always has some kind of alcohol on him, as well as three throwing knives, a dagger, and a deck of playing cards.

He's a conman and a gambler, but he hides that he really does have a heart of gold. Xander is incredibly untrusting, as his biggest fear is rejection and abandonment. He doesn't let anyone get close to him, nor will he try to make lasting connections.

He has shockingly low self-esteem, which he masks with overconfidence and charm. Though he isn't book-smart, Xander knows people: he knows what makes people tick and how to manipulate that for his own wants.

Though typically a loner, Xander loves the occasional one night stand or adventure with a companion. He craves human contact as much as anyone else, but he would never actually admit to it.

Xander is excellent in hand-to-hand combat, as he uses acrobatics and general martial arts techniques. He has extraordinary throwing accuracy, be it a ball, a knife, or even a card.

He's multilingual, instantly able to understand and speak any language he hears or sees, regardless of how much or little he encountered.

Ex-Wife: Heather - whereabouts unknown

Xander was raised by a knight and a librarian in Adela. He had an honorable and comfortable upbringing, so the attitude of the young man was shocking to everyone. He had a habit of running scams on the street for extra cash. His father was furious, feeling that the young man's dishonest tricks brought shame to the family.

Eventually, Xander left home to continue his left. He met a beautiful woman named Heather, who shared his affinity for cons and tricks. The two of them had a madly passionate love affair and even got married for a brief time. Xander discovered that she was stealing from him, though. They separated from each other after about two years of marriage.

He made his way to Zantaric, a place where his personality would blend perfectly with other people's. Since then, he has been running small scams or long cons to earn a decent living. Xander sometimes works as a rogue or even a teacher. He considers himself a jack-of-all-trades because he is capable of completing any task given to him with skill and precision.


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