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Author Topic: Vladimir Vrana, Wandering Adventurer  (Read 63 times)

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Offline Wrecktalski

Vladimir Vrana, Wandering Adventurer
« on: January 02, 2018, 06:41:02 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Vladimir Vrana
Age 24
Gender Male
Species Human
Ethnicity Severo-Kaleniyan
Height 190cm/6.2 feet
Occupation Wandering Adventurer
Residence None

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description

Image removed. Please read our art usage policy. Thank you!

Vrana is a somewhat tall, rather broad-shouldered yet chubby man. Suffice to say he can carry his own weight. He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes that look somewhat faded. He has a scar running across the side of his left cheek which is usually hidden by both his large mustache and his helmet.

His apparel consists of a thick white tunic and matching pants worn underneath a blue gambeson which is, in turn, underneath a layer of chainmail. On top of that all, a brown fur cloak rests on his shoulders, hanging behind him. Lastly he has a single-piece, elongated steel helmet with zig-zag engravings and a thin spike-like top. Its sides and backside are adorned with a piece of cloth that hides the aforementioned parts of his head, although they provide no real protection.

He owns a simple square-shaped wooden shield with an iron outline and boss. He also holds a spear, axe and sword to his name, which are of decent quality at best. All things considered the man looks like a cross between a commoner and a noble, and his apparel and equipment have likely been scavenged or put together by himself.

At a glance Vrana is a man that seems fit to be a warrior and only that, and not just because of his physical build. He is very kind and honest, he values honor and glory, deceit is not his game to play and most importantly he is loyal. Though he does step out of the stereotype that barbaric-built men are extremely unintelligent, he is still not some sort of miracle genius. He is well-educated in his native Severo-Kaleniyan language, both written and spoken, but his knowledge of other world languages is nonexistent or basic at best.

He tries to treat everyone equally, though he suffers from a weird mixture of xenophobia and curiosity. Vrana's xenophobia is a literal one, he fears anything alien to him from other races to all things unusual to him, yet he finds a weird interest in them and is likely to try and learn more about them.

His social interactions are limited to what he can understand, and he can appear to be slow, but he is a good soul. He can, however, be cynical and skeptic oftentimes, be it due to just having a bad day or his feelings concerning something.

Vrana makes an alright mounted spearman, but he is at his best on foot with a one handed weapon and a shield. His personal preference is a good old axe.

None so far.

As a boy growing out of Childhood, Vrana spent his days living in the far Northern lands beyond the frozen Tundras of Le'ranna practicing the martial arts of his people. By the time he had become a man he was a proficient fighter in the small Severo-Kaleniyan community. As time passed and the already limited resources dwindled, the Severo-Kaleniyan people were forced to attack their neighboring tribes. In these isolated wars for supplies Vrana volunteered to battle for the survival of his people. In battle he proved his mettle, and soon he was graced with the honor of owning armor and a horse to his name.

Things were looking up for the Severo-Kaleniyan people until their neighbors allied against them and completely decimated them. Their homes were in ruin, and only a few stragglers were left. It is in this final battle that Vrana earned his scar, and it is this battle that forced him to abandon his former life.

Along with the other survivors, Vrana headed Southwards, his people either migrated into he Southern Civilization, or became Wanderers much like himself.

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